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Raine0211 is a lover of all things Korean, especially K-pop, K-drama, and Korean food. Yum Jung Ah is amazing as a powerful villain. The cases they work on as doctors illuminate their relationships and their outlooks on life. Leave us a comment below! He is hilarious as his female personality who literally chases after handsome oppas, and smolderingly sexy as the dangerous personality. Like “Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors,” “Emergency Couple” tackles the difficult subject of divorce. Tuition : $5.00 in cash per student / each session. Synopsis A drama about the realism in the relationship between doctors and patients and the social prejudice of educational background and origin. Some hospital politics plague the plot, but the cases and how the doctors tackle them are what colors it for the better. Many of these dramas have become popular throughout Asia, with growing interest in other parts of the world. This drama loves to break the fourth wall (by having fictional characters directly address or acknowledge their audience) and the meta inherent in that is priceless. Good Doctor (Korean: 굿 닥터; RR: Gut Dakteo) is a 2013 South Korean medical drama television series starring Joo Won, Moon Chae-won, Joo Sang-wook, Kim Min-seo, Chun Ho-jin, Kwak Do-won and Ko Chang-seok. Drama: Doctors / Doctor Crush Revised romanization: Doctorseu Hangul: 닥터스 Director: Oh Choong-Hwan, Park Soo-Jin; Writer: Ha Myung-Hee; Network: SBS; Episodes: 20 Release Date: June 20 - August 23, 2016 Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 22:00 Language: Korean Country: South Korea Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki Staff © When Hye-Jung was young, her life was difficult. There is so much more to this drama than this paragraph, though! [28][29], An American remake of the same name, produced by Daniel Dae Kim, debuted in late September 2017 on ABC. But he suddenly gives it all up one day to live in seclusion and work as a neighborhood doctor in a … The bromance between Lee Kwang Soo as a patient with Tourette’s and his doctor and friend played by Sung Dong Il is particularly warm and poignant. With Park Shin-Hye, Eom Hyo-Seob, Moon Ji-In, Rae-won Kim. Don’t forget the ridiculous number of adorable faces that Lee Jong Suk makes. The drama kicks off with the story of a boy begging for the attention of doctors and nurses in a hospital to save the life of his father. It is purely a medical drama (in the days before fusion dramas became popular) mixed with slice-of-life that dives into the life situations of the doctors in the hospital, and delivers strong moral dilemmas and solutions. Brilliant. Good Doctor (Korean: 굿 닥터; RR: Gut Dakteo) is a 2013 South Korean medical drama television series starring Joo Won, Moon Chae-won, Joo Sang-wook, Kim Min-seo, Chun Ho-jin, Kwak Do-won and Ko Chang-seok. This fusion political/medical drama about the North Korean doctor played by the intense Lee Jong Suk is a wild ride through the world of medicine, surgery, and the murky socio-politics that defines North-South relations. In line with “Good Doctor” and “It’s Okay, That’s Love,” fusion medical/mystery/romance “Kill Me, Heal Me” takes a fantastical look at a rare, but well-known, psychological disorder known as dissociative identity disorder (formerly multiple personality disorder.) Favorite foods? The early working title was Green Scalpel (Korean: 그린 메스; RR: Geurin Meseu; lit. Combine that with K-drama’s flair for the sensational, and Korean medical dramas become a powerful vehicle for storytelling! Which has been your favorite medical drama over the years, Soompiers? Although this drama is still airing, it is Park’s tough and concurrently feminine character that makes the show worth the mention. Cast Kim Rae Won, Park Shin Hye, Yoon Kyun Sang, Lee Sung Kyung. Ji Sung as Cha Do Hyun is a show stealer as he transitions between personalities in voice, manner, posture, and line delivery. If you don't know how to watch then you can watch video from the menu option. It aired on KBS2 from August 5 to October 8, 2013, on Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:55 for 20 episodes. [18] It maintained the number one spot in its timeslot for most of its run, with an average viewership rating of 17.4% (TNmS) and 18.0% (AGB Nielsen). Overall: Doctor John is a Korean Romance Drama (2019). The show follows the inner workings of a psychiatry department and the daily life of a doctor (Gong Hyo Jin) with a sex and intimacy-phobia, and the man she falls in love with (Jo In Sung), who suffers from an undiagnosed mental illness. It does so in a creative way by making the divorced couple (played by the whimsical Song Ji Hyo and the charming Choi Jin Hyuk) re-evaluate their relationship and their feelings for one another while making their rounds through the ER. Through the incredible situations the couple and their comrades find themselves in, they must find ways to save, protect, and heal the people abroad and in their homeland. Watch 2020/2021 k-dramas with EngSub for free! I still love donuts. Joo Won is magnificent in his portrayal in that he doesn’t make Si On seem silly or unintelligent, but as someone who genuinely does not comprehend how to function in social situations or under duress. Another recent fusion drama takes a more fantastical look into medicine. Subtitles English, Arabic, Catalan and … Hye Jung is an uncivilized 16-year-old girl who finds her life miserable and nothing worth living (her mom died when she was little), so she never tries in school and always acts impolitely and violently towards others. She had many scars from her childhood and through self-preservation, Hye Jung keeps her heart shut away from other people. Perhaps drawn together by fate, he comes to mentor Yoo Hye Jung, a problematic student with a tough childhood. Park Si-on (Joo Won) is an autistic savant who was sent to a specialized care center as a child, where he was discovered to have a genius-level memory and keen spatial skills. On average, patients who use Zocdoc can search for a Korean speaking Dentist, book an appointment, and see the Dentist within 24 hours. And donuts! Most critical is the hotheaded surgeon Kim Do-han (Joo Sang-wook), who labels him a soulless robot of a doctor who can only rely heavily on his photographic memory instead of feeling what the patient needs. Translation for 'doctor' in the free English-Korean dictionary and many other Korean translations. [27] In December 2013, Good Doctor also received an award from the Disability Awareness Campaign Headquarters and was designated as a "Good Program" by the Korea Communications Standards Commission. He plays the role of a doctor of anesthesiology. It's Okay, That's Love (2014) Anyone who's watched this series knows that it set the … Keep your eye on Viki for the latest episodes. The show layers a medical setting with a lead character who has a disorder. 1. “Doctor John” is the first-ever Korean drama to touch on “death with dignity,” otherwise known as euthanasia. On top of all the action, the series is beautifully done, filming in Greece and the beautiful Korean countryside and boasting of clean, clever editing and a standout OST. 2016 PG-13 20 episodes. Doctor John release date: 19 July 2019. K-dramas have contributed to the general phenomenon of the Korean wave, known as Hallyu. Moon Chae Won, as always, has a quiet strength about her as her character struggles to understand her colleague. Although not always correct (call it artistic license), the show also educates while showering audiences with interesting cases and blooming romance. 9.This is not a Konglish class. Through funny (and not-so-funny) antics like public fights, silly misunderstandings, and second lead interventions, the couple finds their way back to each other. Doctor John is the Korean Drama which is dubbed actually in Hindi and you can watch the full Drama Doctor John in Urdu and Hindi on this site. I’m a K-drama junkie. Doctors, latest Korean drama, trailer with subtitles on Viu India. He met 2 person who is an autistic for his research to created and portrayed his character as Park Shion. Ep. Boo Yong Joo was once a famous surgeon at the peak of his career at a major hospital. Using visual and aural cues (like a tattoo to show a more sinister personality), the drama examines what fractures the human mind and what puts it back together. 10.This meetup is not for who wants to learn 3 different languages simultaneously. We follow her journey from young delinquent to brilliant doctor and her adventures with her teacher and love interest, Kim Rae Won, and colleagues in the neurosurgery unit of a hospital. Joo Won plays the main character Park Si On, a high-functioning man with severe autism. “Good Doctor” tackles a widely misunderstood disorder: autism. Hwang Jung Eum is the perfect counterpart to his high-energy personality shifts because her on-screen energy is calm. This show delivers funny, yet heart breaking stories in the form of patients, their caring and well-meaning doctors, and their journey towards wholeness and soundness of mind. Watch full episode of Doctor Yo-han Season 1 2019 | Korean Drama (Now In Hindi): Doctor John (의사요한 / Uisayohan) is a 2019 South Korean Drama series starring Ji Sung, Lee Se-young, Lee Kyu-hyung and Hwang Hee. Korean Drama. When she’s not writing for Soompi, she’s playing the cello and singing. Doctors. “It’s Okay, That’s Love” put itself out on a limb and tackled a somewhat taboo subject in Korea (and many other parts of the world): mental illness. Despite help from understanding and fair colleagues like Cha Yoon-seo (Moon Chae-won) and Han Jin-wook (Kim Young-kwang), the hospital is a fierce and competitive world, and the challenges Si-on faces become only greater when he falls in love with Yoon-seo. Source: Dramafever TOP 7 Hottest K-drama doctors Which doctor is the hottest? Watch List. His given name can be broken down to Shi -- to see and Ohn -- the whole or entirety. However, due to his atypical mental and emotional condition, Si-on faces conflict from his peers and patients, who view him as childlike and unreliable. For the 2017 American remake, see, 2013 South Korean medical drama television series, Korea Communications Standards Commission, "Joo Won to Turn Doctor in Medical Drama", "Joo Won Says He'll Showcase a Different Type of Autistic Character", "Moon Chae Won Says She Aims to be More Professional Than Pretty", "Moon Chae-Won Scores Another Hit with Medical Drama", "Park Ki Woong Compliments Joo Won's Acting in, "TNMS Daily Ratings: this links to current day-select the date from drop down menu", "AGB Daily Ratings: this links to current day-select the date from drop down menu", "한국PD대상 수상자들, 세월호 실종자 무사 귀환 기도 배우 주원 "진도에서 기적이 일어나길 바란다, "Jun Ji Hyun and Song Kang Ho Receive Highest Honors at the, "Rockie Awards Category Winners Announced", "Winners from 41st Korea Broadcasting Awards", "Daniel Dae Kim Wants to Bring North Korean Defector Story to Screen (Exclusive)",, 2013 South Korean television series debuts, 2013 South Korean television series endings, Korean Broadcasting System television dramas, Pages using infobox television with editor parameter, Articles with Korean-language sources (ko), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Excellence Award, Actor in a Mid-length Drama, Excellence Award, Actress in a Mid-length Drama, Lee Ki-yeol as Lee Hyuk-pil, managing director of the hospital foundation, Yoon Bong-gil as Hong Gil-nam, second-year resident, Kim Young-hee as staff of the family restaurant (ep 17), Gong Jung-hwan as Professor of Neurosurgery Department (ep 17), This page was last edited on 18 January 2021, at 00:08. Genres Medical Drama, Romantic Comedy, Korean Drama. The mystery will definitely keep you on your toes and hoping the best for the family of personalities on screen. Watch Doctors online for FREE [EngSub] - Recap: Following a tragic medical accident, Hong Ji Hong gives up on becoming a doctor. Let’s take a look at the top nine medical dramas that have graced our screens over the years. The Hallyu heartthrob returns to your TV and computer screens in the medical drama Doctor John as an anesthesiologist fresh out of the big house for illegally performing euthanasia on a … This article is about the 2013 South Korean TV series. The story of a surgeon with autism is set in San Jose, California, airing during fall of 2017.[30][31][32]. Soldiers and medical professionals work together and the experiences make them grow. Full episodes Kdramas on Viu Kdrama site or download to watch Korean TV series in HD. The pair have great chemistry that is complicated by her pregnancy. Dumplings. "Green Mes" ). Doctor John episodes: 32. "Green Mes"[2]).[3][4]. Stream the latest romantic Korean dramas / crime Korean dramas / comedy Korean dramas on demand in as fast as 8 hours! When it comes to working, no doubt that he is … Her father leaves her for her grandmother to take care of her. This romantic medical drama features a strong lead played by Park Shin Hye in the most unique role of her career thus far: Yoo Hye Jung. Recent smash hit “Descendants of the Sun” is a fusion military/romance/medical drama with Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo as the intercontinental lovers who have captured audiences the world over with their epic romance that struggles through natural disaster, diplomatic relations, and more. Overcome with guilt, he chooses a quiet life as a high school biology teacher. In November 2013, the Korea Association of the Welfare Institutes for the Disabled gave the series a plaque of recognition for creating awareness about autism and how socially challenged individuals can contribute to society. 1. My parents owned a donut shop in Dallas for 20 years. Mix in his first love with dubious loyalties, Park Hae Jin as his competitor, and Kang Sora as an ambitious female doctor in a world dominated by men, and we have one eclectic drama. Doctor John Detail. It’s a even integration of humor, medical, and some of the tougher stuff in life. Unfortunately, he is ignored and this causes his father to die. Same-day appointments are often available, you can search for real-time availability of Korean speaking Dentists who accept your … Doctors. Did you always want to be an optometrist? Kim Sae Ron grows Princess Yeon Hee from a timid, ignorant young girl to a self-confident woman who takes charge of her situation. It’s impossible to watch any Korean drama without a box of kleenex. It aired on KBS2 from August 5 to October 8, 2013, on Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:55 for 20 episodes. SHINee’s Onew plays a character who learns what true selflessness means in one of the most touching idol-played roles to date. [1] The early working title was Green Scalpel (Korean: 그린 메스; RR: Geurin Meseu; lit. “Good Doctor” is first medical drama for Joowon so there isn’t any moment that he can’t forget from this drama (he remember all the moments from this drama). He eventually enters the field of pediatric surgery as a resident, where he is given six months to prove himself capable. It is based on the Japanese novel On Hand of God by Yo Kusakabe. Doctor John is a medical drama led by Korean actor Ji Sung. A Japanese remake of the same name starred Kento Yamazaki, Juri Ueno, and Naohito Fujiki aired from July 12 to September 13, 2018 on Fuji TV. Plus, Song Joong Ki is just so cute with that longer hair and the moony eyes! A Turkish remake called Mucize Doktor produced by Asena Bülbüloğlu, debuted on September 12, 2019 on Fox Turkey. It never crossed my mind … Good Doctor made a strong debut on the TV ratings chart. Yoon Si Yoon plays the famous court physician Heo Joon before he was famous or a physician. Korean drama (Hangul: 한국드라마), k-drama for short, refers to televised dramas produced in South Korea. What makes this fusion drama worth the watch is how the young couple uses herbal medicine to save lives (the very medicine for which Heo Joon is famous) while Hong Joo counters it with black magic. (2016) Yoo Hye Jung was a tough bully in school with a prickly personality and always goes wayward. She happily indulges in all kinds of K-pop, but her biases are SHINee, Infinite, and VIXX. He falls in love with a young woman who happens to be a cursed princess (Kim Sae Ron in her first adult role) whose curse takes lives and is powered by the immensely creepy Hong Joo (Yum Jung Ah). Based on a South Korean show Good Doctor (2013) where the main character is Park Shi Ohn. Drama: Doctor John (2019) Network: SBS Director: Jo Soo-Won Writer: Yo Kusakabe (novel) Kim Ji-Woon Main Stars: Ji Sung, Lee Se-Young, Hwang Hee Doctor John Cast: Ji Sung, Lee Se-Young, Lee Kyu-Hyung. She lives with her sister, her friend Elsa, and her two cats, Timmy and Momo, all of whom also love K-pop and K-drama. 9.4 (25,171) 닥터스, Female Gangster Hye Jung. Afterwards, he sees a doctor coming out from the operating room delivering good news to the family of a VIP patient he just operated on. The medical drama is a genre that’s crammed with high-intensity emotions and action due to the life-and-death nature of the medical field. And how pumped are you about Park Shin Hye's comeback drama Doctors? Korean Language 2.Korean Food 3.Korean Traditional Family Game 4.Korean Culture 5.Korean Pops 6.Karaoke Night (In Korea Town) 7.Korean Drama 8.Where to visit in South Korea. Yoo Hye jung (Park Shin Hye) was a tough bully in school with a prickly personality and always goes wayward. The main character's name in the US show is both an actual western name and a transliteration of the original. This oldie but goodie SBS drama stars Jang Seo Hee of “Temptation of Wife,” one of the most influential dramas of the 2000s, and Go Joo Won, king of the historical dramas.

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