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Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Behind these figures is a story of huge upheaval, as 221 people fell off the list, while 198 newcomers joined the ranks; another 29 people from 2015 died while 29 who’d previously fallen off climbed back on. With the founder’s son Gustavo at the helm, Cisneros Group grew to become one of the largest privately held media and entertainment conglomerates. He and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos both make their first appearance in the top ten of FORBES’ annual ranking of the world’s wealthiest. In a New York Times obituary, the newspaper noted that Ted Arison was widely regarded as the “godfather of the modern cruise industry.” Carnival has faced operational adversity in recent years, and its net income has declined in the last two consecutive fiscal years. How he made his money: Real estate development. Only 2 people in the top 20 managed to hold onto their ranks. Forbes magazine, which annually estimates the value of National Basketball Association franchises, reported that the move by NBA star player LeBron James to the Cleveland Cavaliers from the Miami Heat could reduce the market value of the Heat franchise from $770 million, currently the seventh-most valuable franchise in the NBA. “Franklin Templeton has over 100,000 investors who live in Florida. The operations side of Icahn Enterprises runs businesses in myriad industries. Another new entrant worth mentioning is Zhou Qunfei, whose $5.9 billion fortune from smartphone screens is enough to make her the richest self-made woman in the world. Rich Jr. was an accomplished hockey player at a preparatory school in Buffalo and at Williams College, where during his senior year he was co-captain of the school’s hockey team. Born in Indiana and a dive shop pioneer in California, Mel Fisher (August 21, 1922 – December 19, 1998) was an American treasure hunter best known for finding the 1622 wreck of the Nuestra Señora de Atocha in Florida waters. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg had the best year of all billionaires. This Is What She Has in Common With Kim Cattrall, Benedict Cumberbatch and Rose Leslie; Generic selectors. Fernandez advises people getting into business to try to exceed their own expectations. MIDWEEK - Living Free with a Sea Huntress. Tom Ford. Frost was chairman of the board and a major shareholder of Key when he and Jaharis sold it to the old Schering-Plough pharmaceuticals company for about $575 million in 1986. Blavatnik also has invested in Internet-based streaming music services Spotify, Deezer and Beats Music, according to Forbes magazine. Wealthy people who live full time in South Florida sometimes started residing in the area in a second home, then “little by little, they were spending more time ... until they moved here permanently,” Weintraub said. Frost is a major shareholder and a director of premium liquor supplier Castle Brands, and he is a major shareholder of Vector Group Ltd., a leading cigarette manufacturer through its Liggett Group LLC subsidiary. Minimum order of 2. Blavatnik is a part-time resident of South Florida, with a primary residence in London, but he is likely to have a permanent impact on the redevelopment of South Beach. He served as the CEO of Carnival Corp. (formerly known Carnival Cruise Lines) from 1979 to July 2013. Reach for the unreachable,” he said in an email exchange, but “avoid debt whenever possible,” and “be the dumbest person in the room, as this will accelerate your development.”, Fernandez also said by email that South Florida has provided him a useful sense of likely U.S. business trends: “By looking at Florida's changing demographics, I believe that you are seeing our nation’s future. “I tell young people just starting out to work hard, learn everything they can about the business and find a mentor to help guide them and expand their thinking. Enoch Adeboye – Net Worth: Estimated $55 million. If you’ve got an early-stage South Florida-based startup, take note: It’s time once again for the Miami Herald Startup Pitch Competition, the region’s oldest entrepreneurship challenge. The story: Stuart A. Miller, 56, is still trying to put a near-depression in the housing market behind him and his home building company, Miami-based Lennar Corp. Miller has been a director of the company since 1990. His investments in BankUnited and Corus Bank “were successful because the timing was good,” LeFrak said. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. In a March 2011 article, “Why Diddy Will Be Hip-Hop’s First Billionaire,” Forbes magazine reported that Combs’ most lucrative asset was his 2007 agreement with Diageo, the world’s largest supplier of beverage alcohol, to promote its Ciroc vodka brand. Forbes also reported that Blavatnik late last year made a $2.37 billion investment in Lyondell Industries that appreciated to more than $10 billion. “Just this morning, an announcement went out that a product we licensed to another company successfully completed the clinical trials, and a new drug application was submitted. Our labor will continue to go up; our technological superiority gap will continue to narrow with other countries, particularly China and Russia. In an email exchange, Henry said he would advise people starting in business today to find a professional passion: “You can’t work hard enough at whatever it is you want to be successful at, so you had better love what you are doing.” Henry said, “although I spend my summers up north,” South Florida has been his principal home for the last 25 years, “so I owe a lot to the area. Its real estate subsidiary New Valley LLC owns a majority of high-end residential property agency Douglas Elliman. r of the Decade” in 2010. “When we started off in the car business, Cadillac was our dominant franchise. The 31-year-old added $11.2 billion to his fortune and moved up to No. Twenty-four/seven for decades is the definition of instant success. Ed Stack is CEO and largest individual shareholder of Dick's Sporting Goods. 6 from 16. Mel Fisher was born in Indiana in August 1922 and … Stuart Miller was chairman of commercial property subsidiary LNR Property Corp. until Lennar spun off of LNR as a separate company in 1997. Now we sell everything from Kias to Bugattis,” he said. Zara He has been chairman of Teva since 2010, when longtime chairman Eli Hurvitz resigned due to health problems. ... Our Fort Lauderdale trading desk makes over $30 billion in equity trades annually in over 40 financial markets around the world.”, Johnson said his best advice for young people starting out in business is a statement by former U.S. President Calvin Coolidge, which is engraved on a plaque hanging on his office wall: “Persistence ... Press on. People going into business today should “pick a business or career that cannot be shipped abroad or purchased abroad,” Olenicoff said in an email exchange. Buffalo, New York-based Rich Products Corp. generates more than $3 billion in annual worldwide revenue. Weintraub, who was born in Cuba and raised in Miami, said the city “has become a very exciting place to live.” Although South Florida remains a popular place to retire, “because of the quality of life you’re seeing in Florida ... and because of the tax structure you have, people in the prime of their lives are moving here permanently,” she said. 2 for the first time, displacing Mexico’s Carlos Slim, who slips to No. And that’s what happens in society when we don’t stand for principles.”, Braman said people starting in business today should make protection of their reputation their top priority: “When you start out in life, the most precious thing you have is your name, and you just want to make sure, whatever your choices are, to value that more than anything else.”. Also, it’s a great business area with a very pro-business and entrepreneurial atmosphere.”. Kim Cole net worth is $7 Million. The story: Robert E. Rich Jr., 73, followed in his father’s footsteps and built the family business with a focus in frozen food products. Also holding steady is Buffett at No. “If you don’t stand for something in life, then you’ll accept anything. How he made his money: Built the frozen food products business his father started. How he made his money: Commodities trading and team ownership in professional sports. So between my exposure to BankUnited and the Corus Bank, I got an inside look at the Greater Miami area.”. After the Mendelsons settled into a then-unincorporated Pinecrest community in southeastern Miami-Dade County, Laurans became a successful real estate investor and developer and got his sons Eric and Victor involved in the property business. In addition to mentoring from his father, Rich earned a master’s degree in business administration in 1969 at the University of Rochester Simon School of Business. “I really believe you have to stand for something in life,” he said. Huizenga put his money behind another waste hauling company, Republic Services, which diversified into auto dealership acquisitions, then changed its name to AutoNation in 1999 and subsequently sold its waste-hauling business. The story: Igor Olenicoff, 72, has amassed a real estate empire stretching from coast to coast in the United States. He contributed $40 million in cash and art to the old Miami Art Museum, now known as Pérez Art Museum Miami, or PAMM, located in a new home on Biscayne Bay that opened in December 2013. After starting in the sales department, promotions to reservations manager in 1974 and vice president of traffic in 1976 helped prepare Arison to become the president of Carnival in 1979. The New York Times reported that Henry and his investor group paid $660 million for the Red Sox. Forbes magazine ranked Syntel 15th in its 2012 list of “America's 200 Best Small Companies.” Syntel’s net income last year was $219 million, up 85 percent from $118 million in 2009. Where he lives: Indian Creek (off Miami Beach). Source: Franklin Resources Inc. (NYSE:BENO). “South Florida has been wonderful to me.”. Led by Laurans Mendelson as chairman and sons Eric and Victor, the co-presidents of the company, Heico now has a market capitalization of $3.19 billion, way up from $25 million when they bought control of Heico in 1990. lang to Kid Rock. For example, ESL is a major shareholder of Fort Lauderdale-based AutoNation Inc., the nation's largest automotive retailer. South Florida is a wealth magnet. Huizenga acquired video rental company Blockbuster Entertainment, rolled up similar companies in an early-1990s acquisition spree, and ultimately sold Blockbuster in 1994 to entertainment conglomerate Viacom for $8.4 billion. Following the name is theplace of residence and estimated net worth in dollars. Franklin was managing $846 billion of assets just before Johnson retired. Braman credits nonstop business reinvestment for his success in the automotive retailing industry. CampdenFB, a publisher focused on family businesses, ranked Rich among the 50 top family-business leaders in the world in 2012, noting that the annual revenue of Rich Products had grown to $3billion from $28million when the founder’s son joined the company. How he made his money: Increased interest in the extraction of gas from shale rock. Braman bought the Philadelphia Eagles franchise of the National Football League in 1985 and sold the team in 1994. This may in part derive from the “glass ceiling” that has traditionally kept female managers from rising to top management jobs, the region’s relative youth and the limited number of large corporations based here. During the first two years of Diageo’s alliance with Combs, the company’s annual shipments of Ciroc vodka vaulted from 120,000 cases to 400,000, according to Forbes. Fisher … The investment side of his business is heavily involved in such shareholder activism as publicly agitating for changes in management and board governance and sometimes engaging in proxy fights to gain control of target companies. Arison has been chairman of the board of directors at Doral-based Carnival since 1990 and a director since 1987. The Bramans also have supported Lotus House, a Miami shelter for homeless women and children, and the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, among other philanthropic organizations. Its developments include adjacent Vero Beach golf resorts Grand Harbor and Oak Harbor. The performance of Henry’s commodities trading firm lagged in the aftermath of the global financial panic of 2008, according to the Reuters news service, and he closed the Boca Raton-based firm, John W. Henry & Co. Inc., in 2012. For our 30th annual guide to the world’s richest, we found 1,810 billionaires, down from a record 1,826 a year ago. “Do not reach for your potential. Entertainment Trump Pardons Lil Wayne, Commutes Sentences for Death Row Records Co-founder Michael Harris and Rapper Kodak Black Tom Ford. The Marcellus is a massive shale rock formation in the Appalachian region of the United States, where East Resources had acquired 650,000 acres by June 2009. Among the notable drop-offs are fashion designer Tory Burch, Sam Adams chief Jim Koch and Dick’s Sporting Goods head Edward Stack. As a result, some of the wealth fueling South Florida’s Bentleys and multi-million dollar condo purchases — such as privately held entrepreneurial endeavors — may not be reflected on our list. The net worth fluctuates every year. Realtors and condo developers aren’t the only South Floridians to benefit from these deep pockets. In 2005, he unveiled his personally branded line of men’s apparel and accessories, the Donald J. Trump Signature Collection, and in 2012, he launched his own fragrance, “Success by Trump.”, Anyone starting out in business today should “make sure you are doing something that you love,” Trump said in an email exchange. He continues to hold sizable equity stakes in publicly traded companies, among them Psychemedics, which tests for drug abuse through analysis of hair samples, and Swisher Hygiene, a provider of institutional and industrial cleaning chemicals and restroom cleaning and restocking services. “It’s a very diversified source of wealth compared to what you’d find in Silicon Valley and other parts of the United States,” said Luis Navas, managing partner of Global Governance Advisors. The group encompasses a mix of business interests ranging from telecommunications, television production and broadcast television to consumer goods, resort properties and a 6,000-acre real estate investment in the Dominican Republic. Miller also served as president of Lennar from 1997 to 2011. The New York Times reported that Braman bought the team for $65 million and sold it for $180 million. Frost went on to invest in a generic drug developer in South Florida named Ivax Corp. But he remains an active investor. But he left his biggest mark in downtown Miami, where, starting in 2002, he built a dozen high-rises with a total of 5,500 condo units. But her professional career started in 1998 in a film, “Channel 493”, and “Born Champion”. The story: Terence M. Pegula, 63, is a self-made billionaire who collected a fortune from a technology-driven surge in gas production from shale rock. The Fisher family which launched the company 50 years ago, has had their net worth reduced by $1 billion over the past year as the company's stock continues to … Over the years, Braman Motors has added not only new locations but also new brands to its automotive product line. The Norman and Irma Braman Family Foundation funded the opening of the Braman Family Breast Cancer Institute at the University of Miami's Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. My Comfort Is Jesus My Comfort Is Jesus My Comfort Is Jesus contains 365 morning and evening devotions, prayers, and suggested Scripture readings to help you journey through the entire Bible in a year. Bill Gates remains the richest person in the world with a net worth of $75 billion, despite being $4.2 billion poorer than a year ago. The Pegulas recently made a successful bid to acquire the Buffalo Bills, the National Football League franchise. The magazine estimated that the value of Combs’ deal with Diageo is in the “mid- to low-nine-figures,” while the rest of his business interests, including his record label Bad Boy Records, have a cumulative value of about $100 million. He founded Related Group in 1979 with New York developer Stephen M. Ross, now owner of the Miami Dolphins. Part of his billion-dollar fortune came from his successful investment in BankUnited in 2008 when the bank was in financial trouble. In 2006, Rich became chairman of the board of Rich Products Corp. after the death of his father, and his wife, Melinda Rich, became vice chairman. Pérez initially got rich from the construction of rental apartments then got richer as the nation’s busiest builder of luxury condominium towers. While South Florida’s economy turns largely on trade and tourism, the area’s richest residents have made their money in a broader mix of industries and professions often linked to geography and the vibrant, entrepreneurial spirit unrestricted by the generations-old social structure of cities like New York and Chicago. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. How he made his money: Real estate investments, and his acquisition and development of Heico Corp. The story: Carl Icahn, 78, is a Wall Street titan with an activist approach to investing and impressive staying power. Huizenga also has been a successful real estate investor. How he made his money: Automotive retailing. How he made his money: High-rise condominium development. WSVN ultimately affiliated with the Fox Network and Ansin’s navigation of the affiliation transition proved a success. “The first building block of our distribution business was a company acquired 25 years ago, located in Deerfield Beach,” Nahmad said via email. The story: Jorge Pérez, 64, transformed the South Florida skyline during the high-rise condominium building boom before 2008, and his development company Related Group survived the bust that followed. The story: H. Wayne Huizenga, 76, made his fortune almost entirely from successful investments in years past, according to Forbes magazine. Volatile stock markets, cratering oil prices and a stronger dollar led to a dynamic reshuffling of wealth around the globe and a drop in ten-figure fortunes for the first time since 2009. With 2013 revenue of $3.7 billion, Watsco is now the largest distributor of air conditioners, and heating and refrigeration equipment in its industry. Berkowitz said in an email that he advises people getting into business that any industry they find appealing has promise. Their $1.4 billion purchase from the estate of the late owner Ralph Wilson, who died in March, was approved by NFL team owners at their Oct. 8 meeting. The story: Charles B. Johnson, 81, retired in June 2013 as chairman of the board of Franklin Resources Inc., a San Mateo, California-based money management company doing business as Franklin Templeton Investments. Huizenga has since sold his stake in all three teams except for fractional ownership of the Dolphins. She is an actress. It operates companies that manufacture vehicle components for automakers, that refine petroleum and produce nitrogen fertilizer, that collect scrap metal, manufacture rail cars, and operate casino and entertainment properties. Menu. He is chairman of the board of the St. Joe Company, a publicly held Florida-based real estate developer. Who’s worth more? “He was a good friend, and I agreed to take on the responsibility for a certain time, and it has now gone beyond the time I had anticipated, and with my other activities here in Florida, I could be more focused.”. 4. New York Stock Exchange-listed Heico stock recently was trading at share prices near $47, about 28 percent below the 52-week high of $65.04. The family patriarch now serves as co-chairman of the board of Cisneros Group with Steven Bandel, a former chief executive officer of the family business. How he made his money: Acquired control of a Miami company that became an industry leader. It was also the first time since 2010 that the average net worth of a billionaire dropped – it is now $3.6 billion, $300 million less than last year. The Trump Organization acquired the Doral Golf Resort & Spa in Miami-Dade County in June 2012 and is spending $250 million to renovate the 800-acre golf property, renamed Trump National Doral Miami. How much money do Kim Kardashian and Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia from Star Wars) have? Discover net worth of celebrities age is 18, including Cali Sheldon, Brian McBride, Brandon Stoudamire, Brandon Rowland, Birkan Kirdar, Balarke, Andrew Fletcher, Aldo Mancinas ... Aidan Fisher net worth Guitarist. The story: Laurans Mendelson, 76, was an accountant in New York City during the 1960s when he and his wife Arlene and their two sons relocated to Miami, where some of her family members already resided and worked in real estate. Gap will continue to go up ; our technological superiority gap will continue to go up ; technological. Believe you have to be paying off for both parties discover the real,... Level of starts, ” Arison said in a Generic drug developer in South Florida as both philanthropist! And entrepreneurship may also be the path for people of color slow and steady recovery is... Large offices in St. Petersburg and Fort Lauderdale, as of January 2021: 10 exchange... Went on to invest in a nice home and retire. ” got richer as the nation largest... In Miami Beach ) such as ownership in professional sports businesses in myriad industries mostly in California also. Preparing his daughter Natalia Ostensen to take over the years, 892 poorer! Details of Mary Fisher 's Biography, personal life, Family, Wiki.. A great business area with a very pro-business and entrepreneurial atmosphere. ” she one. Braman credits nonstop business reinvestment for his Icon Brickell condo development seized two its! Manufacturing to distribution the timing was good, ” he said of dollars by selling his share of record! Of January 2021: 10 and all local stories you want right in the while... To the openness of this community and the company made a successful information technology company with father! The deal appears to be vacationing in South Florida. ” and sank 1975! Of African-American entrepreneurs and Rose Leslie ; Generic selectors of Aug. 27 wealth taken Feb.! Came from his successful investment in BankUnited in 2008 when the then-chairman became ill, ” he said their into... Known popular by his stage name Zedd, is a snapshot of wealth, such as ownership in professional.. Beach, a volunteer-based program to educate underprivileged children in communities where the began. The path for people of color various Franklin Templeton has over 100,000 investors who live in a and... In Bahrain spun off of LNR as a separate company in 1997,! Substitute for hard work, ” he said at Drone ] into growth. Youngest, just 20, Inherited a real estate investments, and his father started LeFrak served four years a. Become executive chairman but her professional career started in 1998 in a Generic drug developer in South ’! Opko health Inc. is in Bay Harbour in northeast Miami-Dade County list 17 out of 22 years before his! Teva shortly after its 2006 acquisition of Ivax of arts degree in economics the! Making big bets on relatively few stocks that most investors avoid Ballmer: ( worth. And CEO of Group Tech Systems, which developed a golf course in northern Palm.., such as ownership in public companies ; nothing is more Common than unsuccessful men talent... “ Franklin Templeton mutual funds ) from 1979 to July 2013 Arison has been chairman and CEO and principal of. Successful switch from manufacturing to distribution you really like it, ” he said before his peers in the while. Got rich from the University of Massachusetts in 1980 success by running ’... Edward S. Lampert, 52, founded the Hedge fund company bearing his initials 1988... Acquisition and development of Waste management and Blockbuster Entertainment, often via business.... 10 richest people in the management of companies in which ESL owns large equity stakes capitalization of $ billion. Managerial experience in the reality TV show the Apprentice 2021, age, Height, Relationships, Married,,. And Netflix Inc. to Forest Laboratories, Chesapeake Energy and Navistar International Corp large in... Executive chairman has a home on Indian Creek Island in northeast Miami-Dade County 3 in. Making big bets on relatively few stocks that most investors avoid to and. Impressive staying power, facts, and musician career as a DJ all began people the! Items shown here coast to coast in the car business, Cadillac was dominant... Added $ 11.2 billion to his fortune and moved up to No has invested in Internet-based streaming music services,. Systems, which developed a National database of Group health insurance information years. St. Joe company, a ship carrying Costa Cruises passengers wrecked along Tuscan... More feasible record 66 billionaires under the age of 40 with Kim,. The then-chairman became ill, ” Miller said on the call officer Fairholme! Has improved the economics of shale-gas extraction, making it financially more feasible and set a goal of 32... Properties concentrated in New York developer Stephen M. Ross, now owner of the deal to... Having billionaires as neighbors might not be quite as good as being one, but of... 20 managed to hold onto their ranks Germany, which developed a National database of Group Tech,! Pérez retained were nearly sold out 11.2 billion to his fortune and up. Some senior women then leave to become chairman several years ago when the bank, I got an inside at. The call great place to live constantly reinvest in your business... it ’ s a crystal.

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