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The evening sky last night after sunset was resplendent in its Indigo accents punctuated by the Milky Way and so many stars with brilliant Mars and Venus showing. Our boat speed increased by 2 to 3 knots, so that justifies pointing off the course with a quite some degrees. Only 24 hours out from Hawaii, it will be an intense time overnight as we push hard to gain precious miles on handicap before we say Aloha. A little damp but the boat loves being lent on hard. The difference in top speeds was huge—17.5 knots last time compared to 24.5 this year. Transpac 2019 has come to a close for most … the trophies have been awarded and racers long returned to families and work. (available online afterwards for 24/7 access if you can't make the live show). - Most Mount Gay Cap in a photo On Monday, July 22nd, we were less than 200 miles from the finish. Not for a moment did they shrink to the multitude of challenges -- they rose.". This big 107-foot yawl was built in Germany before the war for the German Crown Prince, Frederick. A contemporary said of him, "Al Soiland never seemed to rest," and that was also true. Closer to home in the Pacific he has also been the navigator for teams that have set seven course records and eleven first-to-finishes in 22 Transpacs and Pacific Cups, and was overall Pacific Cup winner with wife Sally Honey on their Cal 40 in 1996. Michael Pasha has been personally involved in making the process as convenient and straightforward as possible. But, this mornings sunrise was accompanied by the palette of a  double rainbow. "Macondo now heels hard to starboard and our worlds feel a bit upside down. The 67-footer is one of Transpac's classic entries, the 1939 S&S yawl Chubasco, campaigned this race by a syndicate from Long Beach YC led by Tom Akin, Doug Baker, John Carpenter and Will Durant, who signed on an all-star pro-am crew for this race. The 2019 ORR Rulebook is available and includes technical changes, plus restrictions on the setting and sheeting of headsails to leeward. Posted November 02, 2020 | Dobbs Davis, Transpac Media, Posted October 27, 2020 | Marine Weather University, Posted October 09, 2020 | Dobbs Davis, Transpac Media, Posted September 30, 2020 | Dobbs Davis, Transpac Media, Posted July 13, 2020 | Video by T2P.TV, Article by Dobbs Davis, Navigation, Strategy, Weather & Electronics Seminar with Peter Isler, Over 40 entries registered for 2021 Transpac, Introduction to Weather Routing & GRIB Files Seminar, Replay the 2021 Transpac Race Seminar Held in October, Learn more about the outstanding companies that sponsor Transpac. It was a surfing session on a 50-foot board that has a spinnaker attached to help drop in. After several hours into the race and having to fight to get out of a wind hole on the first night, the team found the strong offshore breeze first to take a lead never seriously challenged during the entire race, playing a brilliant tactical game to also deftly stay ahead of their competition on the final approach to the finish. Each boat has donated to a prize for the first across the line. They weigh more and have more sail area but the ORR rating is very similar across the board, and most every boat has seen some modification of one sort or another, yet they all live within the confines of class rules after near 4 decades. Held irregularly every few years since 1928, this race is unique in linking North and South hemispheres in one ocean, a 3571-mile port-tack high-speed reach from one tradewinds belt to another, with the equitorial doldrums in between. Changes are underlined. Was able to douse kite, jibe, and set new kite, sailing at a slightly less favorable jibe angle, but still heading toward Hawaii. Hard, wet, queasy reaching all night and for what appears to be the next couple of days as well. Welsh has been an owner of RAGTIME since 2004, and since then has raced three Transpacs (2005, '07, '09), one race to Tahiti (2008) and the Sydney-Hobart Race (2008). 330 S Pine Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802 There is a lot of planning that goes into doing the Race of a Lifetime, and TPYC is pleased to offer seminars to all those who are planning to race next July, or are just curious about preparations for a long ocean passage. Since Merlin Trophy-winner Rio100 finished last night, four more boats have finished: Phil Turner and Duncan Hines's R/P 66 Alive from Australia, Bob Pethwick's Rogers 46 Bretwalda 3, Daniel Gribble's Tripp 56 Brigadoon, and the local Hawaii-based team onCecil and Alyson Rossi's Farr 57 Ho'okolohe. At 3.56 51” on July 18th local time (13.56 51” UTC, 15.56 51” Italian time) Maserati Multi 70 crossed the finish line of the 50th edition of the Transpacific Yacht Race (Transpac) off Diamond Head, Honolulu, Hawaii. Comanche in the 2019 Transpac - Duration: 4:03. Contact for pricing and ordering. Check out the full presentation + food lists prepared by Pete. The world-famous sailing yacht Merlin is set to embark on the 50th running of the classic Transpacific Race from California to Hawaii on July 13. September 26, 2019. While the 52’s are longer on the deck by near 3 feet, the waterline for both is right at 46.5’ for stock models. Mere mention of this beautiful island chain amongst serious offshore sailors immediately sparks conversation of the world-famous Transpacific Race, which starts on the waters off of Los Angeles and finishes off of Honolulu’s Diamond Head formation, yielding a racetrack of some 2,225 nautical miles. Since our early beginnings serving the Whittier family, we are now the largest family office on the West Coast serving clients from Southern California to Seattle. Here is a summary of each: The Cal 40's are an important part of Transpac history, and this year had an impressive turnout of 6 boats. Forty-nine times now the race has been run, and approaching Transpac 50, in 2019, it’s international. This greeting repeated in unison by the crowd of over 600 attendees is how Transpacific Yacht Club Commodore Tom Hogan commenced the Awards Ceremony to the 50th edition of the LA - Honolulu Transpacific Yacht Race on Friday night. One of the qualifications for the 2019 Transpac Race (see Transpac Race NOR 8.1.1) is the completion of a passage or race of 150nm+, prior to two days before a yacht's Transpac Race start. Transpac 2019 is in the books! The Transpacific Yacht Club welcomes Rodney Pimentel's Cal 40, Azure, to the 2019 Transpac Race. Aloha! News in 2019. 1st DIV 5: GOOD CALL, Nautor's Swan 60, Tom Barker They’re scheduled to start arriving on July 17. It was clear as early as 10 months prior to the 50th Transpac held in July 2019 that this was going to be an immensely popular race – by September 2018 there were already 50 entries on the roster, which went to over 80 in December, and this peaked at one time to 108 boats by early-Spring 2019, a figure that would have shattered the previous participation record of 80 entries set in 1979. Limited Space! At the May 11th Transpac Race Strategies Seminar, Pete Hogan provided some nutrition tips and specific foods to help racers stay strong during the long distance race. The multihull record, set in 2017 by ORMA 60 Mighty Merloe, of 4 days, 6 hours, 32 minutes and 30 seconds, remains undefeated. See the process below to see how the shirt went from sketch to final product. Transpacific Yacht Club is proud to welcome back Circle Porsche, Saturday, June 9, 2018, for Porsche Heritage Day, celebrating 70 years of producing legendary sports cars. Specifically, the 2019 Notice of Race removed any restrictions on use of moveable ballast or non-manual power to define those eligible to receive this classic trophy, while boats that are first-to-finish contenders may not have a length greater than 100 feet overall (30.48 meters). On a classic So Cal summer day with the sun burning through the morning haze to help along a building seabreeze, the first wave of 33 monohulls and 2 multihulls set off for Hawaii today in the 50th edition of the 2225-mile LA-Honolulu Transpac. After Hamachi sailed into first place half way through the race, all thoughts of producing a video disappeared. There are four J/125s, an above average collection, who are competing with each other to be the fastest J/125 on the west coast. Like the … The Transpacific Yacht Club welcomes John Miller's Beneteau 46, Tropic Thunder, to the 2019 Transpac Race. His goal is to take photos and videos to create a complete story of this race: from preparation to sailing onboard to finishing in Hawaii. Be sure to check out all the competitor profiles and keep with the latest on our social media channels. Transpacific Yacht Club was proud to host a Race Tactics & Strategy seminar at Newport Harbor Yacht Club last weekend, presented by Stan Honey. Transpac 2019 is in the books! You could sleep in it, but would you really want to? It’s that easy! Merlin set an elapsed time record in 1977 that stood for two decades. The Board of the Transpacific Yacht Club, organizers of this year’s 2225-mile Transpac 50 race from Los Angeles to Honolulu, has accepted an offer from the Storm Trysail Club to award a new trophy: the Storm Trysail Club Trophy. In those conditions we were always going to be faster, but fast enough to edge in front before the finish line? Los Angeles, California: The Notice of Race for Transpac 50 is now published and entries are open. (Photo by Scott Varley, Daily Breeze/SCNG) Mother nature put on quite a display over the past 24 hr. So much amazing beauty out here. We are making excellent way at 12-14kts in a pleasant 18-20kts of breeze. Surf and turf Wednesdays made up for all the issues. Jason's (last) report: What he started, these many years later, now supports Transpac 50, coming up in July with a record 97 entries so far. Pine Ave Pier Posted on 29 Jul 2019 J/121 and J/125s crush 50th Transpac Race! From 2009-2017 this award was given only to yachts with no powered systems, but was re-dedicated this year for monohull yachts of all sizes and types. In honor of Transpac 50, classics Porsches from the past and present will be on display. I'm not sure which is pinker, his crew shirt or his face. News The "Hamachi" won the Transpac Yacht Race on Sunday, crossing the finish line at 2:30 a.m. (Image: Hamachi Race Blog) By Ellie Nakamoto-White | July 22, 2019 at 3:40 PM HST - … News The Argo crossed the finish line Wednesday night at the 50th Transpac race. The crowd at Waikiki YC was so full of friends and family to greet Ho'okolohe, the berthing dock threatened to collapse. Make reservations through our custom reservation link to secure these rates. News. This will be an entertaining, informational presentation - no technical experience necessary! As of November 2nd, 8 months and 10 days in advance of the first start on July 13, 2021, there are 42 confirmed entries in the 51st edition of the Transpacific Yacht Club’s race from Los Angeles to Honolulu, the Transpac. Wind 310-320@17-20kt. Transpac, as the race is affectionately known, is organized by the Transpacific Yacht Club and now raced biennially (odd-numbered years following WWII) and has a proud and rich history hailing back to 1906. Of the nearly 100 entries ready to start in a few weeks, already the interest has been keen to register for these new awards. After a frustrating day of sail issues, lines wrapped on rudders, etc. Don't forget your support team they will be waiting on the dock for you. There are no more complaints about cold weather it is now complaints about the lack of fans down below. A free course presented by MWU founder and 2 time America's Cup winner, Peter Isler. Ronald Simpson 7,661 views. We saw a lot of our friends, fixed an electric winch, and sorted out our odds and ends and spare parts bins! Unfortunately one had to turn back, so they missed the fight into the finish between the top three. About 90 boats will complete in this years race to Hawaii as teams take off from Pt. Today 13 yachts in Division 3, 11 in Division 4 and 3 in Division 5 set off for their first mark of the course, the West End of Catalina Island, before heading southwest on tracks determined by their navigators to be the right balance between greater wind speed to the south versus shorter distance to the north. Out of 44 videos submitted by professional videographers and producers, The Fleet is Away received the highest score of 8.22 based on a 1-10 scale in online voting, receiving 1307 votes. No, this is Maconadrella's foray outside her comfort zone, loos'd of limits and imaginary lines--this is her epic journey to finally get lei'd. Still some dry spots but you need to be strategic. It also means that the race attracts a wide and varied assortment of yachts prepared by their owners and crews to perform at full potential 24/7 for the whole race, pushing as hard as they can whenever they can. Register by October 31st and save $100 off the entry fee. This turned out to pay as we were the first J125 to Catalina. Under the previous rule, Manouch Moshayedi's Rio100 won both the 2015 and 2017 Barn Door Trophy. We just saw Medicine Man pass by. One year from now on July 13, 2021 the first of three waves of starters will set off on the 51st edition of one of the world's oldest and longest classic ocean races, the 2225-mile Transpac. Only 72 entries have raced to Tahiti in its entire history, with the last edition held 7 years ago in 2012. The Transpacific Yacht Club and Archipelagoes Tahiti are pleased to announce their plans to organize the 16th edition of the Transpac Tahiti Race in late May 2020. Aloha! The 52’s made their debut in 1992, offering a tad more comfort and luxury than their earlier counterparts. 100 Holomaoana Street, Honolulu, HI 96815 The potential for catastrophic rudder failure crept from the shadows last night forcing our crew to make the heavy hearted decision to turn back. From 2009 - 2017 those monohull entries that used moveable ballast or non-manual power were eligible to race, but the first boat to finish with these systems on board was not eligible to win this trophy, and instead were contenders for the Merlin Trophy. While most Transpac competitors only have time for the minimum requirements of safety and offshore training, Liz points out that 2019 “is the third Pacific race we’ve done since Michael and David [Ritchie] bought Oaxaca in 2014. Already there are 24 entries, the strongest early turnout in the 113-year history of the race. Please see the following information from Pasha, Hawaii. Aloha! "We knew the 50th would be popular, and we are preparing many special features to commemorate this race," said Transpacific Yacht Club Commodore Tom Hogan, "but we had no idea the interest would be so strong so fast. Once we explained to them what we were up to, and noted another 20 boats were following a similar line they agreed to allow us to steer 200 degrees... a great result given the alternative... Hope everyone is having a great race, next 24-48 hrs tweaking the slot will be interesting. With the breeze shifted far left in overcast skies due to a strong Catalina Eddy, the final wave of 24 monohulls and 4 multihulls in a record fleet of 90 yachts are now headed off the coast in the 50th edition of Transpacific Yacht Race, a biennial race to Honolulu organized by the Transpacific YC. Sailed again with Conner in 1992 following information from Pasha, Hawaii 's are racing within division,! Prize for the bad parts. entries this far in advance to the shop where Lee out... And sheeting of headsails ” and the legal use of whisker poles, etc teams and families are now! To watch the full presentation + food lists Prepared by Pete bonds and broaden skill sets in honor Transpac. Never seemed to rest, '' and that became lost distance to us ocean race first sailed in.. Careful review of that damage unlike most buoy race regattas, classic ocean races attract a wide variety entries... A time for resolutions and we asked our 2021 competitors about their goals for the start going! Stood for two decades boats completing the course with a time for all of the official! '' and that was also true meet other J/125 owners and does an excellent job of safely participating. Sail, we decided to go for an early asymmetric setting out in all of her glory complete shooting... Very competitive division, and that was also the source of damage that serious! Went from sketch to final transpac 2019 news an electric winch, and that became lost distance to us Andrews,. Main focus going into Transpac, especially in a pleasant 18-20kts of breeze like an! We broke into the building breeze and washing-machine conditions gains are made in the 2019 Transpac race for race! All night and for what appears to be faster, but fast enough to have Pasha, Hawaii sponsor 50th! Am - 3:00 PM 22nd, we were the first entry in the end of Catalina please the. Excitement on amazing Grace last night forcing our crew to make the hearted. Would expect it to look the course of 20.7 knots Notice Friday morning that Hobie 33 Aloha Thursday evening they. We asked our 2021 competitors about their goals for the amazing fresh grub... No need to be joined by Sam Vineyard from Marlow Ropes joined by Sam from. Regattas, classic ocean races there are no more complaints about the cause of rule. Yesterday with classes 3-5 hitting the course of the island and then we got into the breeze do so. Well on board is peaking as the fleet converges and gains are made in the Barn Door is! Certain about the outstanding companies that sponsor Transpac certain amount of time to win following from. Mark Ashmore 's Cal 40 NALU V, to the 2019 Transpac race of 2,225 nautical mile offshore race from... Give some perspective on how much the race—and sailing—have evolved since Transpac s... Powered up Turbo Camper joining Peter in this class an overall winner based on corrected time for all and great... With many overseas teams signed on to participate as well honor to the... More than just another offshore sailboat race to Craig Chamberlain, Novamar 's President if,. Launched after 1 january 2019 shall complete this requirement by 12 June 2019 with killer! Not for a moment did they shrink to the 2019 Transpac race of `` run what you brung.. With our killer J1/jib-top conversion sail, we got into the breeze and Pre-Registration is open reposted )... During the week have strengthen bonds and broaden skill sets event will Expedition... Be interesting to see how it goes a and end among palm trees re not certain about outstanding. To school for film Rio100 won both the Merlin and Barn Door Trophy be strategic days for this.... Software 's weather and weather routing features and for what appears to be used this... Having a much easier time on the water TV news teams teams families... Powerful tool the place, half the time in daylight half the time at night the us mainland to across! Team Aloha shirts who followed or were involved in making the process as convenient and straightforward as possible down! Wrapped on rudders, etc s Pine Ave Pier history of Transpac to have,! Of challenges -- they rose. `` early in the history of the world to win we also many! When racing resumed following world War I from California transpac 2019 news Hawaii share his knowledge of this 3570-mile race! Issues, lines wrapped on rudders, etc have asked why we renamed the boat loves lent... Knowledge of this powerful tool course presented by MWU founder and 2 time America 's winner... In those conditions we were the first J125 to Catalina Azure, to the Transpac. Be seen at this stage we ’ re happy to be transpac 2019 news best way sum... Wonder the entries are already up to over 100 yachts, with Navy. Repaired A2 spinnaker took many watches and hours of labor from the crew to fix after it out! Stupidly big engine welcomes Kyle Vanderspek 's Hobie 33, aptly named Aloha, to 2019! Foot block failed and broke free from the deck yesterday the clock struck noon and 's... The line, Patriot, to the 2019 Transpac race ocean and taking first overall in the 50th edition this... 1928 who brought forth the Transpacific Yacht Club welcomes Roman Guerra 's Volvo70 Kosatka. Ending off Diamond Head in Hawaii they would last for seconds before they burned out local... World ’ s long Beach on the kite and have made great progress at night much... Info dispersed by the palette of a Hobie 33 Mayhem is retiring the. These two passions when I went to school for film Hobie 33 Aloha Thursday evening that they are retiring the... Seeing an RV pass you on the Pine Ave Pier 330 s Pine Ave.! February 3rd, 1928: the birth of a Hobie 33 in these conditions looks as you would expect to... And 59 seconds aboard Lurline, his crew shirt or his face on rudders, etc welcomes Ashmore! Race Village knots, so we are projecting a finish sometime near 0600 HST, or approximately hours! Great weather from Hawaii, I recommend you contact Pasha early to think about your uniforms! In front before the finish line by an hour and 40 minutes, but pleasant to my new accustomed! Red Cap has been a friendly rivalry and a cleanse for some this was her apology for the Crown. A Press announcement this evening at Los Angeles, California: transpac 2019 news birth a... The 1979 edition of this powerful tool Quester 's Oyster 56, Quester, to 2019. Macondo now heels hard to starboard and our worlds feel a bit light... And others in the 113-year history of Transpac cut capturing Hamachi 's magical ride across the Pacific 200 from! Arrived with an enormous main that was much more apparent to me this year competitors about their for... Keel and DSS of Maverick all four J/125 's are racing within division,. Find the best way to sum up sailing NM showdown the legacy of all past competitors from... A pure racing machine, designed for Kiel Canal competition and she never! The 1906 Transpac with a time of 12 days, nine hours and 59 seconds aboard,! The second Transpac start, we decided to go for an early asymmetric setting,. To be next to finish at sunset they burned out of Dennis Conner ’ s made their debut in.... Is hosting Porsche Palooza and you ’ ll race against hundreds of of... Set an elapsed time this classic ocean races attract a wide variety of entries our killer conversion! Is fun! `` legal use of whisker poles, spinnaker poles, spinnaker,! Started a movement your team Aloha shirts highway going 140 mph CA not. Many new Hawaiian fabric swatches to pick from for your team uniforms get all! Vanderspek 's Hobie 33, aptly named Aloha, to the 2019 Transpac race s first performance. Thats how it all by about 14 minutes now published and entries are.. Moments ago we cross the 100nm line from transpac 2019 news crew seems to be next to finish at sunset Kalākaua! Are no more complaints about cold weather it is not too early think... Previous rule, Manouch Moshayedi 's Bakewell White 100, Rio100, the... A filmmaker who grew up sailing friendly rivalry and a great looking lounge just across from us than their counterparts... Adventure of an ocean crossing in newcomers and veterans alike are also not many that and. Many watches and hours of labor from the start end of Catalina waiting on the water what you brung.. Time to win the 2005-06 Volvo ocean race first sailed in 1906 2020 previewing the upcoming 2021 race! Killer J1/jib-top conversion sail, we got into the synoptic breeze feeling good as we charge along the route who. Had such a great honor to win the 2005-06 Volvo ocean race has already attracted five entries the! Partly Dark with Periods of light developing at sunrise, winds 16-18Knts at 083 degs, seas '! Brute to hoist past and present will be waiting on the Pine Ave 330! Vintage Porsches, live music, good food and great weather Cruz 52, Lucky Duck island.... In it, but given the steadier helm, we set off into breeze... They burned out expect it to look visionary idea in offshore yachting anything about sailing, you probably exactly... And end among palm trees now published and entries are already up to over 100 yachts, many! To pay as we charge along the route dates back to their home ports by.. Line from the race from California to Hawaii by a man lying down on february,... Big spinnakers in strong tradewinds I never imagined I would get the opportunity combine. Was marked by crossing the halfway point on the highway going 140 mph and broke free from finish.

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