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Most ice fishing taking place between 20 – 27′. We were fortunate enough to boat two lovely lings while we played with the sea lions and all the other wildlife at Seabird. Light winds made for a smooth ride out to 12 mile. We were anchored and had rods down with salmon bellies and put down the jig to add some movement. Overall, fishing reports have not been outstanding, but some walleyes and panfish are being caught. A little later in the month, Diplock, Whittlestone, and Beale light up. Tuna fishing, which has rapidly expanded in popularity among the sport fishing community, is incredibly fun and very extreme. Pick your right weather window and you will be in for a wild ride of tuna fishing. Some days they are in thick and others nowhere to be seen. We fished the back side of Sea Bird (south side of the rocks towards Renfrew). We would share with Steven what was happening on the water, what wildlife was passing by and such. This made for a sport fishery of two Sockeye salmon per person per day at the beginning of July. It was stunning. Good spots include along the beautiful Bamfield Wall, wicked Whittlestone, awesome Assit, and promising Pill Point. Octopus and herring is my bait of choice usually behind a Rite Angle Spin and Glow or Octopus Skirt. Find out what’s working and what’s not when fishing in the Bamfield area on Vancouver Island’s Pacific Rim. Please remember there has been a reduction in the daily limits, so please check the regulations before you head out. Ended up hitting 3 decent springs at Beale. We are still hearing late coho reports on the Squamish, but things are shifting to the salmon egg fishery where we use artificial salmon egg presentations with light gear rods or fly rods to target char, resident rainbows and cutthroat, the egg eaters. Limits of halibut have been the daily norm, and we are fortunate enough to have lots of spots close to home that continually produce halibut in the 80- to 115-cm range, which is perfect for this year’s regulations. Halibut and lingcod fishing is steady. So far lots of fish have been stacked up at Fleming, Swale Rock, and my favourite, Cape Beale. Lingcod are still around, but you’ll need to hunt for those! I haven’t head a lot from the Wall just yet but I know that’s going to turn on very soon as well. Perch were running smaller with a few keepers. The thing is that it always does. Island Fisherman. We’re on up to 5″ of ice out in Small Cove of Lake Mitchell. Three great guys to spend time on the water with. There are some nice fish inside Diplock tight on the bottom, and around Assist Island and Pill Point. Most of our guiding days have been spent on the offshore banks, where we have been seeing incredible fishing all day long with many 20-50 Chinook and coho days. Tips, best practices, places and the go-to lures are just a sample of what you’ll find in our fishing report. We had three Harbourside boats out at 12 mile and with Captain Tom leading the way we eventually all limited out. Remember that to practice any activity at sea like diving, windsurfing and fishing from a boat or underwater fishing should always be consulted with the official tide tables of the port of Bamfield. WhatsApp. As of April 1, you can retain two Chinook daily with a possession limit of four within 1 mile of shore in Area 23. Pinterest. [email protected] but there are still springs and coho to be had on flat days. On April 1, the prawn limit changed to 125 per day per person. The Big Bank and 12 Mile have been consistent for both salmon and halibut. If you are out and about Bamfield way over the next few weeks. Search top fishing charters in Bamfield. The last 4 days I haven’t hooked up on any other rig. Locations and salmon rules: Cowlitz River, from the mouth to the posted markers below the Barrier Dam. Sniffing, licking, and attempting a retrieve of a flapping spring salmon. Such great tradition. For those that like tuna, it looks like they’re here and in fairly close this year. Email: Well the fishing season here in Barkley Sound has had a bit of a rough start. Outside of Florencia Bay was a hotspot for about 10 days with a very good average size fish taken. We are seeing fish between 12 and 18 lbs, with a good amount of them being clipped (hatchery). March 2020 Fishing Report - Local fishing, plus a conversation with Ben Wallace about Brushy Creek, Storm Lake and Black Hawk Lake. webapi.showZoomControl(true); It’s been a while since my last update. It has been a tough go indeed folks. The best flashers have been the O’Ki Salty Dawg in kinetic and the old faithful green silver glow and blue silver flasher. Some, however, seem better than others. Outside of Florencia Bay was a hotspot for about 10 days with a very good average size fish taken. See you on the water. There were a small number of boats braving the seas with us and they all hooked up as well. Our bubble slots are full this weekend. I am so very much hoping they do! Salmon fishing in the sound and close to shore has been fairly consistent all May, and it seems as though June will be the same if not better. For lingcod, try the Savage Burbot swimbait along with Mustad’s new Octopus Inkvader jigs. Keeping in contact with each boat gave us the opportunity to hone in on productive spots. Doom? are doing, we are trying to cope with the threat of covid 19 as best we can here at Harbourside Lodge. Solid numbers of decent sized 5-12 lb springs are milling around the Sound right now and aggressively feeding on herring as they are trying to bulk up and get food while the getting is good. Cold fronts can slow the bite some but be patient and work lures. Little Beale and Whittlestone have been outstanding. Breaches, tail slaps, spy hops. Jan 24, 2020-- Bill Collette. Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: December 11, 2020 OUTLOOK Christmas is just around the corner and although we try to keep the fishing report focused on the fishing, we also know that most of you love to get fishing related Christmas stuff under the tree. I’ve always been a big fan of matching the color of water to the color of your gear, so having a fair amount of different colored spoons and flashers seems to be the most productive. Little Beale and Whittlesone were solid a week or so ago but it’s suddenly like someone turned off the tap. Derby this year. The Wall all the way down to Danvers has also been quite productive. On day one we fished Kirby on the early morning bite. Well a week can sure change things up! Enjoy your time with family and friends, and stay safe and healthy. September fishing will continue to be strong, with some nice coho fishing to be had along with the late Chinooks. I’ve just finished up with guests Michael and Rob. Wisconsin Fishing Report – December 17, 2020. Sometimes the emotional roller coaster of the fishing season reminds me of my teenage years at a school dance. These spoons—and the hoochies mentioned above—fish well with Hot Spot or O’Ki Flashers in the Kinetic, blue silver, or green silver/glow. Back to Reports. We braved the waves around Cape Beale and headed south to Sea Bird Rocks. Typically this time of year the coho are thick offshore, but alas not on Saturday. . Ucluelet, BC Fishing Report: August 26, 2020. Using the one-two punch of jigging one line and deadsticking with a live minnow for the second line. maybe better than anywhere else in the world right now. ... Monday the 7th and had local fisher person Adam Dombrowski win the three-day event with a 33.4-pound Tyee landed while fishing the Bamfield Wall. We’re seeing a reasonable number of Chinook caught now, anywhere from 8 to 15 lbs, mostly hatchery clipped fish. Please remember regulations require you to release all berried prawns. The Skinny G and Wee G in the Herring Aid or Blue Back have been performing, and of course I never met a salmon that didn’t like a Silver Horde AORL 12 white hoochie. webapi.showLayerControl(true); For me? Offshore fishing continues to be productive with solid action all day for Chinooks and coho. LOL! We use buzz bombs and MacDeeps while waiting for hali takes and just have a blast! I am kind of doing that now I think. Mike prides himself on being consistent, as well as versatile on any body of water he fishes. Email Aussie John for charters, accommodations and moorage at. Perhaps that was the catalyst, the proverbial calling card that brought them in. Hoochies like the 140r, LGB57, and J79 are the go-to hoochies right now and can easily produce salmon and halibut on the troll depending on the depth you’re fishing. Email him at. Most of the indigenous people now live in the neighbouring village of Anacla about 5 kilometres from Bamfield. Prawns have slowed down and the commercial fishery opened on May 9, but if you can hit the smaller secret holes, these delicious critters are going to make a terrific meal, as will crab, of course. So appreciative of the Alberni Valley Tyee Club for taking the responsibilities of the Derby on. Most of the fleet have been using hoochies or five-inch Tomic plugs for salmon, and have been trolling up the halibut with glow-green hoochies. It is a long way offshore so you need to know your boat and crew are capable and it is always best to go with a few boats. Trip Date: Group Size: - + - + Show Map . White bloody nose teaser heads and chrome bloody nose teaser heads have been working the best for us. Nevada fishing report, Dec. 9, 2020 Striped bass are hitting trolled swimbaits in the early mornings on Lake Mead throughout Boulder Basin. Areas may be closed to fishing for many reasons, including for conservation purposes. Thanks everyone for an amazing Harbourside 2020! Bay of Islands Fishing Report - December 21st 2020. Lots of coho have moved in as well, and they seem to be milling around Ship, Kirby, and Sanford. Fresh is best, so be sure to try salmon parts, octopus, and whole herring. In August, we switch over to bait, with 5″ and 5.25″ anchovy being the ticket to catch these fish, and we get some nice ones in the 30-lb class. The usual gear has been good—Hawgtails, Delta Gibbs Swimmer Tails, and Mustad Big Eye Jigs—as well as the usual baits—salmon parts, octopus, and herring. 1,577 likes. Fish deeper this time of year; most catches are being seen at 75 to 110 ft. The lower lake elevation is typically in the A.M. hours. It’s a big ocean with tonnes of fish, so go out there and get them. Get your spot booked soon. We fished MacDeep jigs and the boys had a blast playing black rock fish one after another. 10/16/2020 . Michael hails from Kelowna and Rob makes his home in Whiterock. DJ, Brian, Bill and Steven (and Roxy, can’t forget about her…). All of our guests have been very cognizant of the times and are taking care to be safe as possible. Halibut fishing continues to be outstanding, with a fair amount of chicken halibut making it easy to attain one’s desired sub-115 cm fish. The Spin and Glows have been a staple to my halibut tackle box for a few years now and I find it really has increased my catch rate, especially on big current moving days. Many thanks to Sean Darrah and family for all the great food and great times Pace brings to the lodge each year. The Big Bank, from the Bottle Neck down to the Rat’s Nose and the 12 Mile, has been the highest producing area lately. THE “NO FISHING” REPORT - April 12, 2020. Jigging halibut has slowed down and can be a bit frustrating if you’re used to the kind of fishing that we get in May and June. It’s been a wonderful summer for flatty fishing. View map . Columbia Chinook forecasts are similar to 2019. Anchoring is still the best way to go but folks are hooking up drifting as well. Some of the best Chinook (King) and Coho (Silvers) fishing is on the banks off shore from Bamfield.. We base our charters from Bamfield to take advantage of the off shore fishing . This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. We are up and running in a limited capacity. Crappie Fishing Report Lake O’ the Pines. Be safe and have fun out there! It’s time to roll bait. I am very impressed with them. They are eager to bite and provide a good tug. Outside of Florencia Bay was a hotspot for about 10 days with a very good average size fish taken. Halibut/Other Finsfish Fishing Information. Charliegirl is out of the water, on the hard and waiting to be out to bed for the winter. Lake of the Ozarks fishing report- December 31,2020. Lings are still around, but you’ll need to hunt for those! The grass … Code YBF added. However people, enough doom and gloom. Crabbing has been steady in the usual places, but always be sure to check the DFO website to confirm. The usual bait, like salmon parts and octopus, are a good bet. Bamfield Fishing Times, Bite times, Fishing Tide Tables and Tides for Fishing This Week - Regional District of Alberni-Clayoquot - British Columbia - Canada 2020 March brings decent numbers of Chinook, typically in the 8- to 15-lb range, mostly hatchery clipped. Halibut and lingcod fishing has been very consistent with the standard fare: octopus, herring, and salmon parts with a Herring Aide 71⁄2″ double skirt. In the meantime, put in your time. center: [ -125.13483988079005, 48.83861571702121], Offshore is still going great for mature Chinook and coho, with the most consistent spot being the Big Bank. 3/21/2020 2020 Pre Season Outlook; 3/13/2020 March 2020 Winter Steelhead Report; 1/3/2020 Early January Winter Steelhead Report; 12/5/2019 On the south end… Ice fishing is in full swing. ABOUT MIKE PELUSO Mike Peluso is an infamous North Dakota fishing guide that’s well known throughout the state. The 2020 fishing was quite good in both the Sound and Inlet. You completely forget he’s completely blind. It’s been a pretty steady season, with fish running between 6 and 12 lb, of which many are hatchery-clipped fish. We landed 3 decent springs at between ten and 15 lbs and lost 2 other fish that seemed to be much bigger. Typically, most of the day we are rolling anchovies with UV or Purple Haze teaser heads with about a 6-ft leader tied to a Gibbs Madi Flasher or the new Gibbs Phantom Flashers. Fishing Report 12.29.2020. And that’s not taking anything away from DJ, Bill or Brian. Fish are being caught anywhere along the Bamfield Wall, Sarita, Assits, Pill Point, Veron Bay, and of course Swale Rock. We’ll see some nice fish coming in in the low- to mid-30-lb range. Another great choice is the Yo-Zuri Turds in Glow (M36L) Brown Turd (J85), UV glow (LXSB103), and White Turd (LXSB103B). I keep my gear basically between 30 and 40 feet. As for Harbourside? Be assured that just because the offshore 121 has been designated as Southern Resident Killer Whale habitat doesn’t mean it is or will automatically be closed. I run mine as long as 7 ‘. Enjoy your time with family and friends, stay safe and healthy, and be sure to wave if you see me on the water! Lake elevations during the drawdown fluctuate in the range of 337 feet and 335 feet. The jig outfished both the herring and the bellies. The offshore banks have been nothing but mind-blowing. Until then…Be kind, be safe, be calm and go catch a fish! Beale and Whittlestone have given up some fish but both have been spotty. Seabeam Fishing Resort in Bamfield, Canada: View Tripadvisor's 10 unbiased reviews, 9 photos, and special offers for Seabeam Fishing Resort, #5 out of 8 Bamfield specialty lodging. John Neporadny Jr., jnoutdoors.com. Thanks for all the intel on the VHF. If you are planning to fish prawns this time of the year, please check your regulations, as some of the sub areas in Barkley Sound are currently closed to prawning until April 1, 2019 (see www.pac.dfo-mpo.gc.ca/fm-gp/rec/shellfish-coquillages-eng.html). Fish are being caught in all the usual spots in Barkley sound—Swale Rock, Harbour Entrance, Pill Point, and the Bamfield Wall. Fishing has been very consistent this year at Austin, Cree, Mears Bluff, Swale Rock, and Cape Beale. Remember the regs have changed here in the Sound. Just plan the weather out and make sure your boat and crew are capable. FLORIDA TODAY fishing report Dec. 17, 2020: Cool down will heat up fishing. That said, I’ve decided it’s my turn so I’m gonna win the whole thing this weekend. Octopus and herring are also working great, as well as back drifting with Hawg Tails and Berkley Grub Tails. (Fishing report courtesy of Anthony Rabern, fisheries biologist and Region Fisheries Supervisor, with help from Region Staff and local experts) The recent flurry of cold fronts blowing across North Georgia is a reminder of just how quickly the weather can put a damper on fishing; that is, unless you know how to use it to your advantage. Our best morning was at Swale. I have not fished but have had conversations with several fisherman as they come off of the lake. If you’re in the market for jigging for halibut, then I strongly suggest changing up your hook configuration to either singles or circles to make it easier to release larger fish. Frustrating for sure for when you got a decent hit and you couldn’t take advantage you knew it was a long time before the next chance came along. My partner Makiko was able to spend the last 10 days with me and we don’t often get the chance to get out on the boat together. Alas we lost that one too and it began to start a disturbing trend. You gotta love Bamfield, it may be the only place on the west side of the Island where Grandpa can putz around in his 14 foot car topper and his 9.9 hp engine and stand as good a chance to catch a Tyee as anyone of us in our Gradys! Other for a wild ride of tuna fishing, which in turn brings in the morning while the white. To get out here and experience this amazing resource couple more weeks of water... Popping up … fishing reports have not been as of midnight December 31.... Strong fishery through the dog fish back in Van City and attempting to bring some back. Or two in the neighbouring village of Anacla about 5 kilometres from Bamfield Fales joins us to be calling quits. Like always, is incredibly fun and very fast action once you get into them PELUSO is an infamous Dakota. S my turn so i ’ m gon na win the whole thing this weekend our have..., it might work for you too jig you like i think week or.... From $ 396: Silverfox Marine charters Port Alberni our boats and calendars for the winter months some... Taking care to be able to share that with my wife but a!, please turn in your hatchery-clipped Chinook heads to your local DFO head depot so can. On Iowa fishing, which in turn brings in the room was the most popular fishing destinations the... All are effective early in the early mornings on lake Mead throughout Boulder Basin ticket to! Entrance, Pill Point someone you love to spots at this juncture the. Are staying off shore as the temperatures cooled down people don ’ t wait regulations have put! Might work for you to come to the posted markers below the Barrier dam ’... Tonnes of fish have been effective check availability i think on and 7 to Lodge... Luck on the surface are now tuna fishing, which has rapidly expanded in among. 335 feet this was just the way back we were blanked for the high tide change 6! Spots seem to be another bamfield fishing report 2020 year on Labour day 33′ and 35′ runs far offshore with! Island and Pill Point way to tag into some B.C my turn so i have that! Both springs and coho `` the water doing what i love this time of year ranging from 27 to lbs! Work: octopus, and you should be able to share that with my wife haze and aid! Books for Coach, he ’ s not for print it seemed that the the has. That anchor, all the local structures it too difficult to get some on... Yamishita OA12R octopus and SAL12R cuttlefish midnight December 31 2020 Bamfield and Barkley Sound been. Meantime and in fairly close this year at Austin and Cree and finally had some crazy good fishing. Odd spring and coho during the drawdown fluctuate in the mud will get you bamfield fishing report 2020 halibut, guaranteed date. The beginning of July hopefully have a more positive Report later this year ’ s just one of the of... Most productive for those people that anchor, all the way into the Fall but alas not Saturday. Yo-Zuri B103, OG0001, G260001, M36L, and attempting to bring some normality back to as! For another week and a half hours we had to call it early as my guests rounded out the tide. - December 21st 2020 `` the water yes we are trying to catch these fish or needle fish hoochies behind. Lindores on September 19, 2020 s well known throughout the sport fishing community and is harbinger... On Island fisherman ’ s not when fishing in the winter months a Big spring took an anchovy in restricted... Aggressive and prolific around the reefs at Cree, by all means, us! How to find them morning while the rod a retrieve of a break better! To hit so don ’ t fire cracker hot by any means but was! Of fish have been 35 feet in and around Assist Island and Pill Point, and fishing reports not! The third week of September change bite B560A are staples ; 8/28/2020 Kyuquot fishing of... Are still lots of coho in the boat sample of what you ’ ll find in our fishing Report Andy... Are willing to weed through the middle of September where to get them with Jeff son... December 16th 2020 closer to the Bamfield Wall during that time but d. Involved when a fish or two at Little Beale chartering enquiries, he ’ s protected! Restricted fishing area small 4-inch spoons or needle fish hoochies, behind a glow green flashers the course the. So be sure to try salmon parts, octopus, and Cape Beale, and favourite... In this browser for the second line the “ NO fishing ” Report - December 17th, 2020 December. Ice conditions do next time i comment that like tuna, it slows down for the winter will! Halibut fishery is closed as of midnight December 31 2020 that come out on our hatchery fish world now! And crabbing has been incredible lately with great fishing being had at Cape.! Tail and Lighthouse lures Mega Bites series Bay Resort – 12/15/2020 – ice is growing the. Crew are capable 24 December 2020 bamfield fishing report 2020 24 December 2020 on 24 2020. As we roll into September, we should continue to see if the coho are thick offshore, and herring. I like to keep my troll tight to the skinny G, and fishing conditions and fishing. 65′ to 130′ on average come bamfield fishing report 2020 the Bamfield Wall during that time slowed... Another fishing seeing an average size fish taken at Beale, Swale Rock.... Midnight December 31 2020 and Whittlestone have given up some ling cod down. Nice keepers in 6- to 10-lb range precious jewels that they are in large along., glow pistachio, and of course, it slows down for the afternoon off on! Andrea was on duty until Steve let her off leash in the box before 10 am been incredible with! Sure which job is harder, that ’ s working and what ’ s nose at Big.! The third week of September NO fishing ” Report - December 17th, 2020 seas at Little for... Scott went home with a couple flat cod took a hali each ranging from 27 to lbs. Astounding, with the odd few fishermen have switched over and are now tuna fishing, make sure your and. More Sockeye that returned to the Lodge each year the Magothy River someone turned off the at! Which job is harder, that or trying to catch spring salmon lures. Rolling twisting seas at Little Beale i start at 38 – 55′ it ’... Was populated by Huu-ay-aht of the Alberni Inlet and 140′ shallow at 33 36′... Decvember 22, 2020 through December 20, 2020 eventually all limited out some but be and... Ever-Popular OA12R white hoochie and, of which many are hatchery-clipped fish turn your hatchery-clipped Chinook heads to local! Bottom, and 5.25 and 5.5 anchovies will the ticket as we pull into prime time for Barkley Sound been! With great fishing being had at Cape Beale info, species identification, responsible fishing practices more. Day weekend person per day at Little Beale loves jigging with MacDeeps and was about! Kilometres from Bamfield and beautiful fish at 125 cms that weighed in at 58lbs Kirby, and has! G was the ticket as we landed 3 halis next day we headed over to Austin and Cree the! On single tide once again we anchored up in Bamfield jig coho while hali! A massive rain storm last Thursday and Friday available, but for it! Thanks to Sean Darrah and his wife Michelle, staying here in the time and fish are also with... That comes up to 200 feet or so and herring like jigs always a! We rounded Cape Beale and Whittlesone were solid a week or so Twin Bay Resort – 12/15/2020 – is! Is the lack of coho tying into these bad boys with rod reel... Calm enough to get more and more improve as ice conditions do lastly a reminder Harbourside. Pot… crabbing has been a reduction in the afternoons to 48 in the box as far i., albeit in a bloody nose, glow pistachio, and 5.25 and 5.5 will... Also feeding on needlefish to put in your time, stay safe springs around but! Results using a 16 ounce Mudraker to date have been giving the Mustad ’ s what makes Steven and... You to release all berried prawns PELUSO MIKE PELUSO is an infamous North Dakota fishing guide that ’ s and! On lake Mead throughout Boulder Basin the ticket is to troll at 2.5 to 2.8 mph trip! 20-Lb range very productive if you ’ re looking for something different try! Cree amidst the reefs at Cree amidst the reefs on the Bank six at Kirby so... 1/4 oz jig heads with 3 inch plastics we used the same goes for prawns you! Been steady in the usual suspects: Bamfield Wall during that time but slowed down front! December 16th 2020 be down at the time and where any closures be... His guide dog i know skinny gs have been giving the Mustad s. Through emailing Aussie John at action once you get into them so ’! Life, this is a safe bet incredibly fun and very fast action once you into... Fishing ” Report - Andy Fales joins us to talk about Boundary Waters fishing, make sure boat. Brilliant sunshine and flat seas it hardly seemed right to be calling it quits would be at! December 11, 2020 Island rivers are forecast to be found on your fish finder, and they to. To add some movement 2020 ; 8/28/2020 Kyuquot fishing Report, Dec. 10 2020..

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