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There’s even the option to save up to 20 pieces of data from old projects too. 99 The Eventek laser measure is another great choice for people who want to get accurate measurements without the hassle. 146.26. The number of distance calculation is done through precision optics and laser physics using one of the two most used mechanisms. Of course, the best digital tape measure costs a bit more than your average tape measure. From 1 to 1,000, we offer incredible discounts and a quality of service that other retailers simply can't match. Its unique end hook helps hold the tape measure in place while measuring, while its high-contrast black and green printed tape … The non-slip rubber material around the edge is fantastic if you need to put your laser measuring tool down for a minute when working. However, some customers complained that it’s a bit fiddly when you’re using the distance meter. Bosch Zamo 3rd Generation (Most User-Friendly), 5. To start using the tool, all you need is only push the ‘red’ measuring button at the top centre and the tool will give you precise measurement with an accuracy of two millimetres. The URCERI laser measuring tool is another example of an excellent digital product that comes from a brand you may not have heard of before. It offers intuitive function buttons that let you make a calculation on addition and subtraction and operate other available functions. For further requirement, users are eligible to use the Pythagorean Theorem for indirect measurements. The eTape16 ET16.75-db-RP Digital Tape Measure has a maximum support measure of 16-feet and comes in red color. It would be great if you could get the imperial scale too, but that’s missing. ELEPHAS is available in three different models: small, medium and XL size. is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The Tilswall laser measurer is probably the most accurate of all the options that we’ve looked at so far. CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON. This is kind of small laser digital measure you can afford at a very competitive price. Browse laser measures to calculate distance with the digital range estimator, a pocket-sized laser measure with digital … 181.07. This digital tape measure comes with access to data clear and data hold function, and there’s IP54 protection built-in too. This Bosch Zamo can calculate things like square metres and area volume when you double-click the button. With only 180-g in weight, this innovative laser distance meter is easy to bring to anywhere and for storage. One is using the phase-shift and another is using time-of-flight mechanism. Additionally, the laser beam isn’t easy to see outdoors. However, it is not recommended to encounter lots of water (IP54). Or do you want something that you feel comfortable using in any environment? With a free unit selection of metres, feet, and inches, the Eventek gives you the freedom to measure however you choose. The combination of two measuring tools in one makes this one of the best laser products for people who can’t always rely on lasers for measuring everything. Like some of the other best laser options that we’ve looked at, there are also numerous measurement modes. 10 Best-Reviewed Laser Tape Measure in the UK: Leica Disto X310 Laser Distance Measure. For DIY projects, it is suitable for flooring, woodworking and many other jobs. With the time-of-flight mechanism, the device produces an optical pulse. It has a durable blade, a functional tang, a solid stand-out, a strong locking lever, and a convenient belt hook. Additionally, you might not want to use digital technology if you’re not measuring a large area. Additionally, the all-in-one button design makes tracking everything from the length area and distance as simple as possible. Unfortunately, some reviewers said that the laser tape measure isn’t strong enough to be seen in bright conditions over long distances. Everyone except for Empire is dead on at the 6″ mark on our Lixer Master calibration tool. DIY users will find it very easy to use, as there are no complicated functions and buttons. Other features are including auto/manual power off function and low battery indication. In this list of laser measure options, we tried to cover a broad collection of different options, designed for different users, so you can find the option that’s right for you. If you’re looking for a measuring device you can add to the electric screwdriver, jigsaw, hammer drill, and other DIY construction tools you have at home, the 3rd Generation Zamo is an excellent choice. 59.99. It has 3 line illuminated screen that displays up to 3 measurements all together with minimum and maximum measurements. One of the best laser tape measures on the market from Bosch, this distance meter can easily measure up to 20 metres at once using the Zamo technology that we mentioned above. If you are looking for a no-frills laser … All of the Qyuhe laser tape measures are ideal for routine measurements, room measurement, building measurement, etc. The battery life on this product lasts for five hours, and it’s USB rechargeable too. eTape16 Digital Electronic Tape Measure – For Accurate Measuring – Time-Saving Construction Tool – Red Polycarbonate Plastic– 3 Memory Functions – 16 Feet. As well as being durable, compact and easy to carry, the Tilswall also comes with some great peace of mind. Regardless of the price, Suaoki S9 has an incredible accuracy in less than 1/6. It packs all features required by professionals and DIYers for helping measurement of various project designs in the residential or commercial circumstances. UK call centre ready for your call 24/7. The Leica DISTO E7100i 200ft offers … The GLM 50 C measures up to 50 m distance/length. Thanks to robust IP 54 protection, you also know that you’re going to get a continuous measurement experience that you can rely on in any situation. Tacklife is for practical measuring up to 80 meters. It carries the double injection laser distance, which considered more durable. Additionally, compared to other laser distance meter options from companies like Bosch, the TACKLIFE can feel a little cheap. Which laser measure will you be choosing? However, in this strategic price, it still provides quality and quantity. A laser tape measure, otherwise known as a laser distance meter, is a machine that helps you gauge distances using laser tracking. It designed using durable and water & dust resistance housing with IP65 certification. Leica Disto X310 is small and robust laser measuring tape ideal for... Leica DISTO D2 Laser … From measuring area and volume to providing a fantastic measuring range of up to 40 metres, the TACKLIFE is great for professional and home users alike. Outstanding features to the GLM 50 C are including Bluetooth and smart documentation system using GLM App. eTape16 Digital Electronic Tape Measure – For Accurate Measuring – Time-Saving Construction Tool – Red Polycarbonate Plastic– 3 Memory Functions – 16 Feet 4.5 out of 5 stars 797 £29.99 £ 29 . You can access features for indirect length and height measurement using the laser measure technology too. After all, it can be hard to see a laser at a distance in direct sunlight. 197.92. The best digital tape measure will come in the form of eTape16 ET16.75-db-RP Digital Tape Measure. Stanley Powerlock Tape Measure. It boasts precision laser measuring technology, advanced functionality, and user-oriented design. But for all the benefits you get in return, you will find the cost to be more than worth it. What’s more, there are three available adapters that allow you to add extra functionality to your laser distance meter too. Measurement modes can be selected through intuitive buttons. However, you can find some measuring tool options out there that come with a combination of both a traditional tape and a laser tape measure. Free next day delivery available. Whatever you need from a laser measuring tool, this could be the ideal product for you. The compact design of the tape measures from Bosch means that they can easily fit into any jacket or trouser pocket when you’re on the move. Additionally, the instructions are very complicated for this device. For reading the measurement results is easy through the 4-line LCD display. That’s why many people opt for brands that they know and trust, like Bosch. It’s a complicated process, but it’s also something that’s much more convenient than walking around with an old-fashioned tape measure. The laser intensity indication also helps for fast and accurate measuring. With a large, easy-to-read digital display on the top of the tape … … Leica Geosystems D110. Additional features like 100 data records, auto correction and spirit level tool and error report technology. You are now reading the right article to accompany your quest finding the best laser tape measure that will succeed your old retractable metal tape measure. Some people will want to be able to simply measure lengths and distance area quickly. Additionally, the compact design means that you can take your laser measuring tool wherever you go. You can turn on mute functions to make sure that you’re not making noise in a quiet area, and the compact design is fantastic for portability. Functions are including indirect Pythagorean Theorem, continuous measurement, addition, subtraction and much more. Suited for global level users, it comes with various measurement units including inches, meters, and feet. A high-quality product comes with CE, FCC and FDA Certification, making use without worry. £ 139.00 Buy Distance Measures at The large digital display shows all measuring results at a glance, making it ideal for any type of users. All result can be set among of three measurement units, meters, inches, or feet. 99. All measurements functions can be displayed in various measurement units including metrics, inches, feet and decimal feet. However, if you want to spend a little bit more money, the name brand like Leica is also often found used in the industrial environments. Free returns. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. That’s what you get with the Hanmer rechargeable laser distance meter and tape measure. Bosch 0601072C00 GLM 50 C Professional Laser Measure with GLM... Qyuhe® Laser Measure Distance Meter 100M/328ft Measuring Device Tool with... Stanley TLM65 Laser Distance Measurer STHT1-77032. On the downside, it can be a little problematic when you’re measuring in feet and inches, according to the reviews that we read. This digital tape measure synchs with the Pie Fitness app. Another special feature is the automatic shutdown. You can easily click the button by accident, Various extra features, including volume calculation, Plenty of laser distance measurer options, Getting accurate measurements can be difficult at a distance, Easy to calculate area volume with one button, Doesn’t come with other features like circumference laser measuring, Excellent two-in-one laser measure and tape, Can be hit or miss with responsiveness at times, Compact design that you can take anywhere, Not powerful enough to be seen in bright lights, Plenty of options to collect different measurements, Plenty of measurement options to choose from, Accuracy levels can vary in long-distance measurements. Your email address will not be published. And with all the … Digital tape measures. If you’re looking for a tape measure … Leica Disto X310 is small and robust laser measuring tape ideal for construction use. The best laser measure in the UK for you will depend heavily on what you need from your new measuring device. 4.5 out of 5 stars 2,940. A laser distance meter works very differently to a standard tape measure. One more benefit, it uses a water-resistant rubber case that helps protect the device from water splash and dust. This device comes with an extra bright laser pointer and a large LCD display where you can see your readings. Despite less of an obvious presence in the United Kingdom, the URCERI team has created one of the best laser tape measures on the market. Do you need accuracy above anything else? There are a lot of laser measures out there to choose from, ranging from the Leica Disto all the way to the GLM from Bosch. However, it’s worth noting that the batteries on this easy-to-use laser measurer aren’t as efficient as they should be. This is a reliable tape measure that you will always use for years. Additionally, it’s hard to see the laser at long distances. One particularly great thing about the Bosch GLM is that you can rotate the colour display to see information easily at any point. Both DLE 40 and GLM 50 C come with laser technology that has 1.5-mm of accuracy. You can check volume and area automatically and turn on auto-corrections and error reports. The LCD display is large and has bright white backlighting making it easy to read even in the low light condition. With digital technology, the best digital tape measure offers unbeatable precision for … Functions included are ranging from single-distance measurement, continuous measurement, area measurement, indirect measurement using Pythagoras, and volume measurement. Some digital tape measures are loaded with features such as memory, a backlit display, calculating abilities, and your choice of measuring units. After hours of research and testing, we discovered the Crescent Lufkin Black Widow (available at Amazon for $26.29) is the best tape measure you can buy. Although laser measuring tools come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, they’re all designed to help you track distances more effectively, often saving you a lot of time and improving the quality of your work. One downside, however, is that you do need to buy those measuring tools separately for height, levelling and circumference. The Bosch Zamo digital laser measure is an alternative solution to the Bosch GLM range, offering a reliable laser measuring tool for an affordable price. Suaoki 9S reaches up to 100-meter length/distance. Most of them are also comes with data recording facility as well as multi-measurement modes. This means that they can be up to 2 mm wrong when it comes to dictating the actual length, area, or volume of an object or space. For someone who likes building things at home or a professional in the trade industry, a laser tape measure can be a valuable piece of equipment, ideal for increasing accuracy and convenience on jobs. The TACKLIFE distance measuring device delivers a lot more than most laser tape measures. The laser models are new and more practical to use. The model features anti-skidding lines on the sides adding comfort and reliable gripping. The product can measure up to 60 metres with an accuracy of +/– 2 mm. The height tracking function is a plus where you don’t need such of reflection point to be available. Available in two models, suitable for measuring up to 100 meters distance. Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 25. There’s even a battery status indicator so you can keep a close eye on how much power you’re using. In addition to its primary function, Stanley TLM65 does a perfect calculation system to the volume and area in which all can be displayed in metric and imperial measurement units. That means that you may not always get the most reliable laser tape measure reviews. Not only is it incredibly easy to use, but it’s also accurate and reliable, with plenty of top-notch features that can make completing projects quick and simple. The 4-line LCD display delivers highly accurate information about area volume, distance, and more. Leica DiSTO D2 can measure up to 60 meters and accuracy within 1.5-mm, making it ideal for measuring small to large projects. Laser measuring tape comprises a set of digital component and laser device to calculate the distance. With an accuracy of +/- 1 mm, you can really make sure that you’re getting your measurements absolutely perfect with this device. There’s manual calibration built in to help you boost the accuracy of your measuring tool, and addition/subtraction features are available too. You don’t have to worry about messing with large coils of aluminium or metal. It supplied with AAA long lasting battery. Adding more versatility, it has a 360-degree tilt sensor for angle measurement and levelling applications. All of the listed digital laser tape measures are the sort of best device you can find in the market especially for DIY-oriented tasks. Empire was off by the width of the line – less than 1/64″. Most digital measuring tools come with an accuracy level that’s at least +/- 2 mm. This is the best cheap laser tape measure you can pick right now. Bosch GLM Professional (Luxury Choice) If you’re looking for something with a truly … DIY projects oftentimes involve a measuring tool as a helper to accomplish such of basic needs like measuring curtain, window coverings to tackling such bigger jobs like installing garden pipes, make over the sidewalk and other tasks. Tags: best levelling meterdigital laser tape measureDIY levelling metersmart laser tape. Additionally, it can be a little bit hit or miss with responsivity. Any DIY enthusiast will tell you that even the best high accuracy laser meter won’t be much good if you’re going to need to combine the ability to measure distances with a laser, with a standard tape measure. Let us know in the comments below! The device calculates volume and area automatically, and the large LCD screen is very easy to read. Best Overall. The best thing that you can do is decide what you need from your laser distance measurer before you start searching. If it isn’t, nothing else matters. As well as giving you the tools that you need to measure laser distance, the tool also gives you a digital spirit level, the option to measure volume and area, and so much more. Bosch GLM Professional (Luxury Choice), 4. When you’re shopping for something as important as a laser measuring tool, you can’t afford to take chances. You can clean the tool using water. 147.00. Choose from top trade brands. The Best Digital Tape Measures for Your Tool Kit An accurate tape measure is a key part of any tool kit. The bright laser pointer is useful for easier targeting. Because the extra measuring tool options are sold separately, this device is a bit more expensive than other laser tape measures. They won’t last long if you use the device every day. You can store up to 30 units of historical measuring data too. Additionally, there were a couple of complaints that the accuracy levels can be touch and go for some long-distance measurements. Stanley Fatmax 25’ Tape Measure. Our favourite option from all our laser tape measure reviews is the Bosch Zamo. Depending on what you need from your laser measurer, you can access everything from single-distance measurement to continuous measurement. The precision result is the benefit of high-accuracy laser supported with automatic error report and auto-correction technology. Measure King is a 3-in-1 digital tape measure. Available in several lengths, the Stanley Fatmax 33-7 (around $22) is part of … However, we would probably pick the Tilswall, for its accuracy levels of only -/+ 1mm. The Leica DISTO E7100i 200ft Laser Distance Measure uses a class 2 laser to get measurements that are accurate to… What’s more, with the ideal laser measure, you can obtain information about an object’s dimensions or the distance between objects without needing any help from a partner. There are a lot of people out there who will only recommend a product because they’re advertising and linking to it from their website. The question is, how do you choose the best laser measure UK customers can buy? Your email address will not be published. On the downside, the instructions of this laser measure can be a little tricky to understand at first. Some models have a digital measurement option and a 16- to 25-foot tape measure. The Zamo can handle up to 20 metres of measuring with state-of-the-art laser technology. Deciding which is the best laser distance measuring tool on the market is easier said than done. After of this short intro, you can find one of the best models that may fit your needs. 3 Pack Tape Measure 150 cm 60 Inch Push Button Tape Body Measuring Soft Retractable for Sewing Double-Sided Tailor Cloth Ruler (Black) by BUSHIBU 4.5 out of 5 stars 3,114 $4.99 - $11.59 £ 114.50 Instead, you measure the time it takes for a pulse of light from a laser to redirect from a target and come back to you. A few of the laser measure reviews we read suggested that this product would be better if it came with a physical on/off switch. In addition to measure length, Bosch PLR 25 also measure volume and area. However, it’s worth noting that it only reads in decimals, with no inches. Never worrying of the last data records, this pocket-sized measure adopts the most advanced technology in the class with up to 100 data records capability. With great value delivery and our famous 100% Money Back Guarantee, why shop anywhere else?. The best tape measures… The PLR 25 measures distance up to 25 meters with high precision and accuracy. Other functions are including triangular and rectangular areas calculation such as dimensions and volumes. Which Is the Most Accurate Laser Measuring Tool? When you buy this product, you get a 28-month warranty with it. With accuracy up to 2mm, it is perfect for various measurement modes for length, distance, volume, and area. Best Laser Measure Reviews – Top 10 Picks, 2. With a built-in backlit display that’s very easy to read – even in low light conditions, you’ll have no trouble using your laser measure to complete even the most complicated tasks. This is the new version of Bosch DLE 40. eTape16 Digital Electronic Tape Measure – For Accurate Measuring – Time-Saving Construction Tool – Red Polycarbonate Plastic– 3 Memory Functions – 16 Feet 4.5 out of 5 stars 797 £29.99 £ 29 . 99 The Zamo is a great product for both experts and DIY enthusiasts alike. Additionally, the instructions can be very complicated to follow for such a simple measuring tool. This means that you’re using something called the time-of-flight principle to measure things, rather than actually measuring with a tape. So far, the laser measuring tapes that we’ve looked at all focus entirely on laser technology. It also measures area, volume, addition, subtraction, and Pythagoras for measuring triangular height. The Tape Store is the UK's No.1 Tape Measure Specialist stocking the largest range of tapes from the World's most reputable manufacturers. Digital tape measures use a laser to measure, which makes them highly convenient in tight spaces. A professional will need a very different laser measure product to an amateur that just wants a simple way to measure home projects. Pick from continuous laser distance measurements, Pythagoras measurements, and more. A large LCD display provides clear and crisp measurement data value for easy reading and comparison. Additionally, the low price of this laser measure comes at the expense of accuracy. Help you keep the measure close in your hand reach, it also equipped with wrist strap. Today I put it to the test to see how it works. The Etekcity MSR-R500 Digital Multimeter is a value winner that will provide you with fast, accurate information so you can complete your task and move on with confidence.

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