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He has charisma and he is also mysterious. i hope the line story snowdrop not love triangle....please bz i like all cast please.... 47ik Aug 27 2020 2:33 am Hye Yoon and Jisoo, both of them are awesome...Fighting. Gia Aug 18 2020 5:55 am Wtf plot are really intresting. BLINK Aug 24 2020 5:31 am PS not saying if kim taehyung does not play the role the drama won't be successful Noona i think i dont want to stop typing my story and cheering up my jisoo noona becaz it is really so colorful thank u noona love u??? i thought yoon in ah is part of the cast. I hope filming goes smoothly and I wis the best of luck to the whole cast! I'll definitely support you. Set in 1987, Snowdrop is based on a memoir of a man who broke out from a factional prison camp in North Korea. There would be no drama without the casts! Go Kim Jisoo baby! It's accessible and sweet, as the best holiday movies usually are. hoya Aug 27 2020 5:01 am Storyline: This is a love story between two university students set in Seoul, 1987. Oml Oct 22 2020 9:16 am Whereas in kpop world she was so easily overlooked , I think kdrama world will fall in love. Ihope that's a story. This is Sky Castle PD team we’re talking about. jin from bts as the leading actor in the series please. Anyway I hope this drama does great and Fighting HyeYoon <333. usually high profile cast dramas are usually not created with care as they know they will get high ratings even if they don’t put much effort but this drama seems promising with Jang Seung Jo!!! I love him a lot and his dramas are always amazing so I am looking forward to Snowdrop :)), Nathalie Wyne M. Agacer Sep 17 2020 2:53 am Yeayyy can't wait for this. It's challeging and interesting for her. Heppy ending Aug 31 2020 10:06 am Unni Saranghae! Hwaiting Jisoo and other casts too! ^_^. Gia Oct 07 2020 4:53 pm Snowdrop team fighting! You might even ending up thanking him for that since he's the best thing that can happen to anyone on Earth. The official release date for Snowdrop has not been revealed, but we expect the series to premiere in early 2021. Wew Sep 19 2020 10:15 am Learn more about our use of cookies and information. I hope Jung Hae In will come back to the screen with something different. Jisoo_Stan Dec 09 2020 2:30 am So excited for Jisoo drama she is female lead role in snowdrop.. JISOO IS A FUTURE Oct 26 2020 8:37 pm Also Yoon Se Ah and her has acted together in Sky Castle. Aug 19 2020 12:21 pm Never see her acts before but the aura I get from jisoo from the plot is really well-suited with her even both characters we don't know yet. plus jung hae in! violet Oct 09 2020 3:11 pm He’s good-looking, charming, popular, has a lot of friends, and is pretty arrogant. Love you from Indonesian❤️ stay healthy and take care all. Hwaiting all casts and production team. i’m start to watch kdrama for jisoo!! And for army’s and blinks can we just stop having fan wars like me myself loves both of them and whatever they do I will accept it because we can’t control them nor we should get mad of what they do like I know they themselves are already getting to pressure. Blackpink’s Jisoo lands role in Korean TV Show ‘Snowdrop’, Netflix’s Arthdal Chronicles as ‘Saenarae. Kingmaker573 Dec 29 2020 3:09 pm GMA News Network reported on October 5th that Jisoo would be joined by Jung Hae-In as the lead actor. I think this is a huge step for her already compared to the tiny roles she’s gotten so far. Meetali Aug 24 2020 1:14 pm Lead role in drama. in the drama hopefully Kim taehyung has the male role is the only thing I hope. Their partnership will bring happiness to millions of viewers, I bet. Hyeyooniee i miss your acting ? Ya'll didn't even see her acting properly to judge her. I can't wait till it's released, yeet Jan 08 2021 1:45 pm JTBC confirmed on October 5th that the series would be premiering in Japan at some time in 2021. It honestly seems like a lot of immature netizens are here typing all these comments. More details about the upcoming K-drama ‘Snowdrop’ staring Blackpink’s Jisoo have just been revealed, but has a release date been confirmed? I also know that many blinks (I also support bp but I can't call myself a blink entirely) will come and support the drama, that's good, I'm also curious of how Jisoo will portray her role, I'm rooting for her, fighting! Hope this drama will paved her way in more and more amazing project, Haein oh my Holy Haein.. What can I say more about you, just hoping he accepts the offer, jtbc has been my fav chanel for dramas alongside with tvn.. Eventho in another platform I saw some people criticized the sinopsis of the drama, but what can I say? sooyagood Dec 16 2020 6:23 am Jisoo is the protagonist. She's a protagonist! Finally i can't wait see Jisoo acting ?? Spread love not Hate Aug 31 2020 8:55 pm sky castle writer and director have again an epic drama with an high class cast in their hands. Waiting for him...asap please. I know jisoo is good at acting too but hyeyoon was the first to be offered this drama by the writer and i feel like some blinks looked down at hyeyoon achievements that they think hyeyoon will be the second lead. I’m going to watch for Hae In oppa :))), Sheng Villamor Oct 04 2020 10:21 am Meanwhile me and friends are so excited imagining both hyeyoon and jisoo will be great pair on and off stage bcs of this project, jichu ?? rainy Dec 29 2020 6:38 pm {{#media.media_details}} kinda disappointed that hyeyoon wasnt the lead☹️ I mean I love jisoo but we all know how great of an actress hyeyoon is? Jisoooya ?????? Netflix and third parties use cookies and similar technologies on this website to collect information about your browsing activities which we use to analyse your use of the website, to personalize our services and to customise our online advertisements. Yessss our hyeyoonie!! But what about the male lead. Jischuisthebest Oct 28 2020 5:39 pm Excited Oct 29 2020 11:13 am Ugh I love both of them. A girl Sep 16 2020 5:45 pm Vanilabluu Aug 20 2020 1:11 am VX Oct 04 2020 10:33 pm I really want Kim Seok Jin to be the main character. I am so excited for this one. Lisa Aug 29 2020 2:08 am Ahhh also Kim Hye Yoon, I've been a big fan of her. Lets just be happy for what will be the result. she is very talented, beautiful and charmfull... can't wait!!! I know God will bless such Queen like you. Really hope, as fans, we can support our favourite without hurting the others actresses/actors. Don't even try to fight back, if he wants to whistle your girl, he will do so, and damn, you'll even want him to whistle you once you'll see his burning eyes. I hope this drama becomes a hit because all the cast is great and the plot is interesting. if you want to comment, comment in a neutral, and peaceful manner. The rapper cemented her influence with her 1996 debut album Hardcore. Jisoo was listed on YG actor list but it was removed for no public reason but some of us might think that its possible Jisoo want to focus on her music or company reasons but surprisingly she was announced the lead the role, maybe she has a change of heart or some private company reason. thanks for director and writer who casted jisoo blackpinkposie Aug 18 2020 9:49 pm I think jisoo will be the first female lead because in this drama cause she's the first to be announce and hyeyoon and and others have big names didnt have first to be announce so i think hyeyoon is second female lead. Ahh jung hae in one of the best actors and jisoo a very amazing and beautiful woman. Not to mention, Jung Haein as the male lead? So lets just support and respect for the desicion hehe. Is there a chance they could cast Kim Seokjin as the male lead. So excited for this drama! I don't care what people say about Jisoo Unnie, because I'm sure Jisoo Unnie will do really well, Jisoo Unnie fighting I really support you, ah no, we blinks will always support you. Jung Hae-In - Im Soo-Ho Kim Ji-Soo - Eun Young-Cho Jang Seung-Jo - Lee Kang-Moo Yoo In-Na - Kang Chung-Ya Kim Hye-Yoon - Kye Boon-Ok Yoon Se-Ah - Pi Seung-Hee Jung Eugene - Jang Han-Na Comments Jisoo hwaiting!!! “ACTRESS JISOO” trends on Twitter on Friday morning as fans wish BLACKPINK’s main … Super happy for jisoo!!! she was originally an acting trainee after all. Tee Oct 10 2020 12:15 pm OOOoooo can't wait for Jisoo the lead actress... so exciting !!! A drama produced & written by Sky Castle's PD & Writer which is one of the highest-rated dramas EVER. Without fighting with each other and let's make this drama a hit. Fingers-crossed. Kim Hye Yoon will steal the spotlight. Can't wait!! I still will watch this drama for kim hye yoon. In a small village, a dispute over a boar erupts between two neighboring groups of eccentric hunters. Let’s refrain from commenting atm and wait for the casts to be complete and the official character profile to be released. It would be nice if kim taehyung or kim seokjin of bts will be the leading man. guyyyyysss first of all jisoo acting with Sandara and Jisoo ''Producer'' and Song Joong Ki ''Arthdal Chronicles'' and commercal with Lee Min Hoo and plsss respect jisoo because this is jisoo acting debut and do you know jisoo have talent and she a leader of dramaclub on her school. So she would obviously enjoy to work with Jisoo. I love my self Aug 26 2020 1:44 am Kurtnie Dec 07 2020 1:21 am mukapolos Aug 27 2020 4:55 am I will probably watch this drama for the sole reason of Hyeyoon being one of the leads in it, we all can't deny how talented she is in acting. Netflix's 'Operation Christmas Drop' Is Based on a Real Annual Air Force Mission Kelly Allen 11/5/2020. It will be amazing, awesome and a super hit! I know you're going to rock it! But, no need to leave hurt comments here. Someone Aug 18 2020 5:48 am Snowdrop also marks the third collaboration between Jung Hae In and Jung Eugene. Can't wait until to see the first episode! Yay! I have to watch it now. Finally happy to see Actress Jisoo In the area. It is a tale about of love, ambition, and tragedy, with four characters whose destinies are intertwined fighting for what they want. Omg jisoo in the drama can't wait I will definitely see it I hope their would be an amazing actor with amazing jisoo such as Lee jong suk , Lee min ho , park hyung Sik or Kim Taehyung. I really really hope? And i am happy Asian wiki made Kim Hye Yoon is the first in the list. Can’t wait to see her collaboration with Jisoo too! Hopefully, i will be impressed by her acting again.. Fighting all snowdrop team production and casts. She should deserve more since she has proven her acting as kang ye suh (in sky castle) and eun dan oh (in extraordinary you). Another win for jisoo for adding knowledge in acting for her.

Golden Boy Season 2 Nz, Happy 50th Birthday Funny Woman, What Movie Is Hail To The King From, Paasche Talon Review, Beneteau Boats For Sale Uk, You Are Installing Two New Hard Drives Into Your Network, Who Is Yin Lee Avatar, Daniela Ryf Vie Privée, Bostitch Narrow Crown Stapler Parts,